It is safe to say that QR Codes are everywhere these days. But the real question is, are people using QR Codes correctly? To answer that question, additional questions need to be asked. These may include: “Are the QR Codes big enough to be scanned easily and quickly? Do the QR Codes link to a […]

It’s always a good time to make a proverbial clean sweep of your marketing efforts and see what needs to be cleaned up, de-cluttered or re-vamped. (Scheduling something like this once a year can be a great thing). Here Is Your Marketing Cleaning Checklist: Dump The Old Stuff Time to look at your materials, both […]

Are your sales in a slump? Or maybe your sales are just not where you want them to be. Without sales, you don’t have a business making money. So slumping sales aren’t just a downer, it can be downright scary for everyone in the company because the bottom line is that everyone feels the effects. […]