Direct mail is still an important part of a comprehensive advertising campaign. While some people may view direct mail as old-fashioned, there is still a significant demographic that can be reached via this tactic. Everyone in the world gets, and opens, their mail, and using direct mail advertising is one of the most effective ways […]

Cross-media campaigns can often be expensive. This is because you are creating individual campaigns for each type of media that you want to work with. You may be using telemarketers, print catalogs, a website, and much more to try and market your business. There are ways to save money when you create a cross-media campaign. […]

Videos have become an important tool in a marketer’s arsenal, and for good reason. Video has long been the best possible way to reach consumers, as shown by commercial advertisements throughout history. However, up until recently it wasn’t feasible to include videos in marketing campaigns because the bandwidth simply wasn’t there. Today, you can get […]