What does your marketing budget look like? Is it lean, and accounted for down to the penny? Are you working on a shoestring budget? Or do you have money to burn? No matter what your marketing budget looks like, it’s important to use your dollars wisely. You want to spend them on activities that more […]

Having a large social media following is great when you need to get the word out. What’s the word? You have some new services or products that you want to educate people about. Whenever a business rolls out something new, sometimes one of the hardest parts is getting people on board. If you have a […]

When you’re dating, there is still this sense of the noncommittal. You can say “Yeah, we’re committed.” But, especially early on in a relationship, you can still have your eyes wandering about and making sure that you’re not missing the Next Big Thing. Data can be like that. When you’re “dating” your Big Data, sure, […]