Common Marketing Mistakes

Common marketing mistakes fall into general categories; failure to understand your customer, resistance to change, and ignorance of current strategies. These categories can overlap but we will use them for our discussion. Failure to understand your customer is the basis of all marketing mistakes, because marketing is about understanding people. Do you collect data from […]

Tools for the Print Industry

The print industry is still very much alive. Throughout the industry, there is more technology than ever before and this has led to a better quality image that can be produced. As a result, when you work with a printer, you can enjoy such things as a clear image of the photos you wish to […]

Design: Dos and Dont’s

When it comes to designing anything that is going to be used for marketing, be it a logo, business cards or flyers, there are some things that you don’t want to do. Marketing dollars need to be stretched and used effectively. If you make some basic design mistakes, you could be doing more harm than […]