Print And Mobile Marketing – What’s The Connection?

Marketing is a difficult thing to understand for even those that are well versed. That being said, with new developments like mobile marketing it is now more important than ever to understand how these new marketing strategies sync up with older marketing practices. Print has long been the standard when it comes to advertising, but […]

Tips For Success With Direct Mail Marketing

Segment your mailing list where it will earn you revenue: Satisfied, regular customers are the best persons to contact for additional customers. If you presently have a list of all of your clients you are half way there. The people you send mail to is what makes the process so successful. Remember, 60% of the […]

Targeting Millennials With Your Marketing Efforts

Say what you want about the Millennial Generation, there is no denying they are emerging as a dominant demographic. They are also the most diverse and smart generation the world has ever seen. Exciting data, yes, but that also means they are the most critical-thinking. Marketers must step up their game if they hope to […]