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4 Tips to Increase QR Code Scans

Mobile marketing has introduced us to a completely new way of promoting products to our audience. If you have not introduced mobile marketing channels to your printed products, now is the time to start! Here are a few tips to help you incorporate QR Codes into your marketing strategy and increase the number of QR […]

5 Steps to Successful Integrated Marketing Campaigns

Marketers are always trying to utilize new channels, reach their entire audience, and deliver content that people want. However, that’s not always easy to do. To reach those goals and objectives, many companies are striving to deliver integrated marketing solutions. Wikipedia defines integrated marketing communications as “the 70-480 coordination and integration of all marketing communication […]

Make Your Own Content

The internet is absolutely full of content. Articles, videos, pictures, interviews, podcasts, blogs, you name it. This influx of material is exactly why your company should create its own content. Tailor content to match the mission of your organization and create literature and multimedia that draws people to learn more about what you and your […]

The Conveniences of Multi-Channel Marketing

Multi-Channel Marketing presents multiple benefits to the companies who implement such campaigns. It increases the chances for marketing messages to be received by your target market. It allows you to personalize your marketing, while retaining a consistent message and brand. And let’s face it, the more your target market hears and sees your message, as […]

3 Metrics to Improve Your Cross-Media Campaigns

For marketing departments, cross-media marketing has proven to be a useful tool when it comes to increasing the success of a marketing effort. Everyone is looking to increase the ROI that they receive from the things they create and distribute — including mailers, flyers, emails, and more. By integrating those pieces with other offers and […]

8 Tips on How to Develop an Effective Multi-Channel Marketing Campaign

In order to compete in today’s economy, you need to get your products and services in front of your target market. And the best way to do that is to use a multi-channel marketing campaign that integrates consistent messages with different channels to reach your desired prospects and customers. By reaching out in different directions, […]

How to Teach Your Audience About QR Codes

When you are in the thick of all things marketing, staying on top of the latest in mobile marketing and how to interconnect your print and online media, it’s easy to forget that your average consumer does not stay on top of such things. Here are some tips on how to teach your target market […]

3 Tips for Keeping an Active Blog

It can sometimes be daunting: sitting down at the computer screen with a blog assignment and a critical case of writers’ block. This is when having a well thought out strategy for your blog is just as important as having a strategy for the rest of your business. Here are some tips on how to […]

What Does Integrated Marketing Mean?

Integrated marketing is: An end-to-end process of managing all activities, including marketing projects, planning, process flows, assets, supporting documentation, authorization. It includes the management of the people involved, the vendors, and the client relationships. Building, managing and executing all outbound and inbound marketing communications. Emphasis on measuring the campaign using clearly defined analytical tools. Proving […]

Does Your Big Data Deliver Results?

Having big data is sexy and cool, but just sitting around staring at data won’t do much for you (or your company’s bottom line) if it doesn’t actually deliver results. When you’ve got googly eyes for your significant other, is he/she able to bring it? Or do you get the cold shoulder, the claim that […]