Why You Need a Reliable Printing Company

For any company that strives to gain new customers or meet the needs of its clients, a reliable printing company is an essential asset. Some printing companies may promote their rock-bottom prices, but when it comes to professional printing needs, cutting corners to save in the short term can bring disastrous results in quality and on time delivery. Other companies promise a long list of esoteric printing features that few clients will ever use, but execute few of them perfectly, or on schedule. Whether printing promotional material, mass mailings, signs, posters, calendars or brochures, the two factors that set a reliable printing company apart are consistency and on time delivery.


Color is a key part of brand image and can have a subtle yet significant impact in advertising campaigns. Imagine a company – let’s call them the Red Rockets Space Travel –  whose logo on their first order is a vibrant fire-engine red, but in the next batch of of posters and fliers it comes out more of a flamingo pink. Now inconsistent printing has introduced a layer of distrust with the brand and though it may be subconscious, a the belief in clients that the brand is cheap, or possibility not even legitimate. When you pay for printing, you pay for consistent image precision. The first image should be identical to the millionth for any company that matters.

On Time Delivery

In the business world, the great majority of printing is time sensitive. An advertising campaign is slated to run in a specific time frame, a portfolio or brochure needs to be in the hands of clients before a certain date and a poster is needed two weeks before the big event. An important print job delivered a week late can be worse than one that isn’t delivered at all and no company should have to doubt the on time delivery of their orders. Excuses such as machine failures or material shortages won’t matter to the end client and any reputable print company that wants to stay in business will take steps to guarantee on time orders, no matter what, because they know that timing is everything in the print world.

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  1. Scott
    Scott says:

    I like that you point out that when you pay for printing, you are paying for a consistent brand image. I can see why this would be important so that your customers and potential customers can start recognizing who you are. It might be a good idea to know which logo is most favored by the public. Perhaps having a focus group would help you know which logo and designs to print.


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