Informed Delivery: Enhance Your Direct Mail Campaigns 

informed delivery update

Informed Delivery is a popular service provided by the US Postal Service. This service gives residents a heads up on their upcoming mail deliveries via e-mail. When Informed Delivery first launched, upcoming mail was scanned in black and white images. Now, however, USPS gave Informed Delivery (ID) a business-friendly update that you should know about. 

Informed Delivery is More Business-Friendly Than Ever 

 In November of 2021, USPS made it possible for businesses to upload digital versions of their direct mail campaigns. When a resident receives their Informed Delivery e-mail, they can now interact with circulars, postcards, and other direct mail pieces through clickable links and high-resolution photos.  

The interactive nature of ID makes merging brick-and-mortar commerce with digital marketing seamless for the consumer. This update to ID is perfect for providing digital coupons as well as easy-to-follow links to a brand’s social media pages and website. The update allows for embedding links to short videos, which can further enhance your omnichannel marketing efforts. Subscribers can also share their digital mail from businesses to their social media accounts. The most popular social network where ID campaigns are shared is Facebook. Adding high quality content to USPS Informed Delivery can certainly give your omnichannel marketing efforts a major boost. 

ID Facts and Statistics 

The USPS’ Informed Delivery is a wildly popular service. Consider the following facts and statistics: 

  • Informed Delivery reaches about 25% of the US’ population. Over 40 million people have subscribed to this service.  
  • About 68% of ID subscribers open their e-mails from the USPS. This metric is considerably higher than open rates for conventional e-mail marketing.  
  • The most common demographic to utilize ID is older, white females; however, folks from all walks of life subscribe to this service.  
  • The primary household member is most likely to subscribe to ID.  
  • Around 86% of subscribers report that they are happy with their service.  

If you’re new to the world of direct mail, it is important to enlist the help of seasoned professionals. A polished campaign with stellar graphic design, pithy copy, and a tangible offer to incentivize consumers goes a long way. When you blend digital advertising with direct mail, you can see fantastic results. Adding digital copies of your campaigns to Informed Delivery may be a wise investment in the growth of your brand.  

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