Direct Mail Retargeting: How to Reach Digital Consumers

Pel Hughes is thrilled to announce a new service for 2022: direct mail retargeting. This program allows business owners to send direct mail to their website visitors. Using sophisticated technology that is focused on consumer privacy, direct mail retargeting makes it possible to reach out to consumers who show intent to purchase with their online activity. Direct mail is an effective form of advertising and should be a part of every business’ omnichannel marketing efforts.  

How Direct Mail Retargeting Works 

Direct mail retargeting works by inserting a unique code onto each page of your enterprise’s website. This code captures IP addresses from your website’s visitors who demonstrate intent to purchase items or services. Then, these IP addresses are matched to mailing addresses. This data is then used to send out direct mail campaigns to a physical address.  

Our direct mail retargeting program is consumer-privacy forward. The program’s “double-blind” system never combines personal information with browsing data to be bought and sold to third parties. Website visitors’ information is protected with this system so that they are only contacted by your business if they show interest in your services or products by viewing specific products or adding items to a digital shopping cart. With Pel Hughes’ direct mail retargeting, a direct mail campaign can be generated within 24 hours of an interested consumer’s visit to your website.  

Why Website Visitors Should Be Retargeted 

Retargeting your website’s visitors can boost your sales if done in the right way. Digital advertising and marketing are certainly crucial components of doing business in the 21st century but digital alone is not enough.  

Capturing the attention of digital consumers is difficult. Not only are most tech-savvy consumers using pop-up and ad blockers, many are simply overwhelmed with information on a daily basis. This fatigue modern people experience can make it difficult to ensure that your messaging is reaching them. Moreover, your business is likely competing against countless others for their attention in digital spaces. One way to get a leg up on your competition and break through the fatigue associated with information overload is to reach your potential customer beyond the digital realm. Sending direct mail to their home after they have shown interest in your brand can help incentivize purchases that boost your revenue.  

Benefits of Adding Direct Mail Campaigns to Your Advertising Repertoire 

Utilizing direct mail makes great sense when you evaluate the performance of this advertising method. You might be surprised to learn that direct mail sees much higher response rates than digital advertising. In fact, response rates to direct mail are 10-30% higher than digital.  

Sending direct mail resonates with consumers of all demographics, too. You might think direct mail should be reserved for older consumers who don’t use the web as much as younger folks but this notion couldn’t be further from the truth. Direct mail is a hit with Millennials and Gen Z; about 95% of 18-25 respond positively to receiving direct mail.  

If you’re looking to develop robust omnichannel marketing, we encourage you to look into direct mail retargeting. Our experts can help you blend advanced technology, data management, and sleek graphic design to develop direct mail retargeting campaigns that win over potential customers. Give our team a call at (504) 486-8646 to learn more.