Strategies to Improve Your Real Estate Leads and Boost Your Conversion Rate

Strategies to Improve Your Real Estate Leads and Boost Your Conversion Rate - Pel Hughes print marketing new orleans

If you are considering using direct mail, you are on the right path.  However, the specific direct mail strategies you employ will ultimately make or break this approach to marketing.  Direct marketing strategies are particularly important for those who work in real estate. Let’s take a look at some of the best ways for real estate professionals and others to use direct mail.

Begin by Recognizing Direct Mail is a Numbers Game

The aim of a direct mail campaign is to encourage targeted customers to respond.  A direct mail campaign with a low response rate is a failure. In general, response rates to direct mail campaigns tend to be between half a percent and 1.5 percent.  Leads should convert at around the three percent rate. Shoot for a response rate of around eight percent. Continue to build toward this goal as you refine your direct mail strategies.

Establish a High-quality List

The quality of your target list is essential to your direct mail campaign’s success.  Be careful when whittling down the group of candidates. Be picky, zero in on those most inclined to need your services and you will maximize the time, money and effort you invest in your direct mail campaign.  

Keep in mind response rates will almost certainly be at their peak when the initial mailing is performed.  The response rate will gradually decrease yet you will likely have your fair share of quality leads. These valuable leads are the primary difference between direct mail success and failure.  Above all, be completely forthright when interacting with your target clients and they will be that much more inclined to review your marketing materials.

Perform Testing

Testing is essential to direct mailing as well as every other type of marketing.  Direct mail allows you to test the copy as well as the images and even the postcard style prior to transmission.  In some cases, using the same postcard facilitates quick, easy and accurate testing. Once testing is performed, you can apply the findings and observe the difference.

Use Additional Marketing to Supplement Direct Mail

It is a mistake to assume simply contacting target clients through direct mail will suffice in and of itself.  Follow up with a phone call, social media ad or another form of outreach. Maintain a number of touch points and your direct mail effort will prove that much more meaningful.  Keep in mind, you will need client contact information such as phone numbers and emails so be sure to prominently feature a “Contact Us” form on your website to ameliorate data collection efforts.