Direct Mail Ideas That Will Help You Connect With Local Clients - Pel Hughes print marketing new orleans

Finding and retaining clients is easier said than done.  It is enough of a challenge in and of itself to make initial connections with potential clients.  Determining the optimal marketing approach adds a new wrinkle. Make prudent use of direct mail and you will generate important inroads with clients that have the potential to prove loyal years or even decades into the future.  Let’s take a look at some direct mail ideas that will help you develop a rapport, create a lasting impression and ultimately drive revenue.

Use Direct Mail to Educate Clients

Direct mail is an opportunity to flex your intellectual muscle, establish your group as a respected authority and share important information with your target audience.  Share your expertise with the public and you will generate trust that leads to sales down the road. Help customers solve problems and improve their work/home life in some way and these targets really will be that much more inclined to pay for your services.

Tout Benefits as Opposed to Features

Shining the spotlight on tangible benefits as opposed to the nuances of bells and whistles is marketing 101.  Use direct mail to explain exactly what your business does, the services you provide and why your assistance is so important.  Use your direct mailers to detail the merits of your services, make genuine connections with clients, show your group’s “human side” and you will have earned the public’s trust.

Provide the Most Important Information

Your direct mailers should provide the most meaningful information.  Provide essential information that truly helps customers solve problems and they will be that much more likely to pay for your services.  Just make sure your phone number is prominently featured throughout the direct mailer content.

Explain What Your Business Does

Do not forget to explain exactly what it is your business does.  This way, there won’t be any confusion as to the types of services you offer.  

Facilitate Ordering

Direct mailers should make it easy for the customer to contact your business and order your services.  Consider using postcards or other small-sized pieces with your information prominently featured. Magnets, stickers, coupons and other items showcasing your contact information, services and pricing really will inspire purchases.

Mind the Calendar

Do not send out your direct mailers at any old time.  Consider the season and proximity to the holidays prior to launching a direct mail campaign.  Determine when clients are most likely to order your services and send your mailings just ahead of that point in time.