Non-Profit Direct Mail: A Success Story 

More cause-based organizations are turning to traditional forms of marketing and advertising. One method, non-profit direct mail has showed great promise in increasing donations, connecting with an organization’s supporters, and raising awareness for your organization’s work and impact. In today’s blog, we are going to discuss the Arbor Day Foundation’s success story with direct mail and why this organization chooses this fundraising medium. 

Non-Profit Direct Mail is a Resurging Marketing Method 

Digital clutter is overwhelming and exhausting to consumers. Non-profit organizations and for-profit businesses alike have become acutely aware of digital fatigue among their donors and clients. Digital advertising, while helpful at times, does present serious challenges to organizations.  

Pitfalls of Digital Outreach 

  • Nearly 70% of consumers feel overwhelmed by their e-mail inboxes and social media feeds 
  • Almost 50% of people are nervous about sharing financial information like checking account and credit card numbers online 
  • Most office workers receive over 120 e-mails a day 
  • About 40% of millennials and Gen Z consumers have an e-mail address dedicated exclusively for promotional correspondence and spam  

These figures easily make the case for the need for non-profits to generate more thoughtful messaging beyond the digital world. By focusing on quality direct mail, the Arbor Day Foundation found that they could connect with their donors and volunteers through direct mail better than they could with social media and e-mail marketing.  

Direct Mail: A Traditional Solution in Modern Times  

According to a report from The Modern Marketers, about 50% of consumers prefer direct mail to other forms of outreach from organizations and businesses. Moreover, using direct mail is a great workaround for spam filters and ad blockers. When it comes to non-profit marketing, direct mail wins over donors because it is considered one of their more respectable forms of communication.  

Benefits of Direct Mail for Caused-Based Organizations: 

  • People from all demographics view direct mail as more trustworthy than digital channels 
  • Direct mail campaigns evoke the sense of touch—one of the senses most tied to memory and action 
  • Print can easily be integrated to digital modes of communication through PURLs (personalized URLs) and QR codes 
  • Modern printing techniques and advanced technology can make direct mail campaigns more sophisticated and engaging to consumers 

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