Reach More Customers with Direct Mail 

Are pop-up blockers, digital unsubscribes, and unopened e-mails affecting your consumer outreach? Fortunately, traditional marketing channels are a solution. You can reach more customers with direct mail. Pel Hughes explains how direct mail can drive engagement without overwhelming your customer base.  

3 Ways You Can Reach More Customers with Direct Mail 

#1 Defeat Digital Fatigue Among Consumers 

You may have noticed an influx of news articles about digital fatigue and consumer overwhelm. You may have also heard buzzwords like “digital clutter”. This a new but clear phenomenon. The concept of people feeling inundated and burdened by the torrent of digital communication they receive is actually changing consumer behavior. Consumers are taking a proactive approach to reducing digital fatigue by unsubscribing from e-mails and social media notifications, dedicating e-mail accounts specifically for brand communication and e-commerce, installing pop-up blockers, and taking a regimented approach to monitoring their screentime.  

Fortuitously, direct mail makes a great workaround for digital fatigue experienced by consumers. Moreover, there exist no pop-up blockers where physical mail pieces are concerned. Direct mail is far more likely to be read by consumers because it is viewed as trustworthy and helpful.  

#2 Harness the Power of an Emerging Trend 

While traditional forms of marketing and advertising waned during the rise of digital communication, there has been a significant revival where direct mail is concerned in the last few years. More brands, non-profits, and educational institutions are turning to direct mail to communicate with their customers, donors, and students. Direct mail resonates across numerous demographic groups, receives higher engagement, and stimulates the senses in ways that digital messaging cannot.  

Harnessing the power of direct mail at this time is smart because you can capitalize on an emerging trend while setting up your company or organization for advanced technology like direct mail retargeting and campaign automation, which makes your print campaigns less labor intensive, more effective, and budget friendly.  

#3 Establish a More Personal Connection with Your Customers 

Simply put, direct mail is more personal. It resonates with people because it reminds them of a time of more authentic communication that wasn’t as overwhelming. Moreover, modern technology makes it possible to print mail to a recipient’s legal name and tailor specific products or services to the needs of specific customers based on their consumer activity and past purchase history. Direct mail is most powerful when it’s helpful to its recipient. Pel Hughes has access to reliable consumer data and database sorting software to help you create campaigns with higher engagement.  

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