Creative Direct Mail: 7 Solutions to Inspire Your Campaigns

Creative direct mail drives new business, deepens connections with existing customers/clients, and helps your organization build lasting brand power.  

When we think of direct mail, we commonly think of common angles marketers take to reach consumers. Simple mail pieces may send a condensed menu to a local take-out operation or offer a small coupon to welcome new customers. Creative direct mail, however, can help your business or organization level-up revenue without overwhelming consumers.  

Below are seven solutions to make your next direct mail campaigns more creative and effective.  

7 Strategies for Creative Direct Mail 

#1 Soliciting Donations 

Using direct mail for fundraising is a wonderful avenue for non-profits. In fact, direct mail is seen as one of the most trustworthy forms of advertising among most generations and demographics. When you’re asking for money, it’s wise to use the most reputable medium possible. Another compelling reason to choose direct mail for soliciting donations is because people are overwhelmed by digital media. For instance, billions of e-mails are filtered out of inboxes or moved in bulk to trash folders daily. The bottom line: You’re more likely to connect with a potential donor when you send direct mail.  

#2 Welcoming New Employees or Clients 

Direct mail is a great way to welcome new clients or employees to your organization. Especially useful for onboarding, consider these direct mail campaigns as an easy way to give your recipients a simple-to-use jumping off point. This can involve printing personalized URLs or QR codes on your mail pieces to guide clients or employees to custom landing pages. This strategy is also helpful for providing important contact information such as e-mail addresses and phone numbers.  

#3 Marketing Medical/Dental Treatments & Procedures 

When marketing higher value medical or dental treatments, direct mail campaigns are a great way to educate patients on symptoms, conditions, and treatment options. A great example of these very specific forms of print campaigns are targeting older patients for dentures and dental restorations. Direct mail is a great method for outreach because it provides a sensory experience while building trust with potential patients.  

#4 Inviting Recipients to Events & Conferences 

If you’re in an industry that holds frequent conferences and seminars, using direct mail to fill seats is a helpful tool. Direct mail campaigns can also be used to invite people to digital conferences and webinars. The pros at Pel Hughes recommend including links or QR codes to guide recipients to landing pages where they can learn more about your events and register easily.  

#5 Connecting with People Who Don’t Use Social Media 

More people than you might think are abandoning social media and countless folks are relying on it a lot less for socializing. Likely attributed to feeling overwhelmed by life in the Digital Age as well as some of the more negative effects associated with an online presence, people have grown tired of being so accessible. A great workaround for digital fatigue is a direct mail campaign.  

#6 Targeting Consumers Who Prefer Handmade or Custom Goods 

If you run a business offering custom, artisanal goods, direct mail is likely a great option for promoting your brand. Think bakeries that specialize in custom cakes, artisanal jewelers, and so much more. Direct mail forges authentic connections—particularly when you use advanced consumer data to curate mailing lists of your ideal customers. Pel Hughes has access to respected consumer databases and offers database services to help you maintain high quality mailing lists.  

#7 Announcing a New Product or Service 

Print is an effective avenue for announcing a new product or service to your existing clientele as well as potential new customers. The best way to make effective announcements is to utilize technology that fosters personalized mail like variable data printing with compelling copy highlighting the benefits and features of new offerings.  

If you’re in the market for more creative direct mail, look no further than the friendly experts at Pel Hughes. Our full-service printing company can make print advertising a breeze. We offer graphic design, campaign automation, cross media marketing, and so much more. Give our team a call at (504) 486-8646 to request a quote.