4 Data Buckets to Leverage in 2023 

Modern consumers have become accustomed to individualized messaging. In the last decade especially, multinational corporations have leveraged data to deliver specified messaging to their consumers. Data, sorted with the help of sophisticated technology, helps tailor brand messaging in an individual way. Harnessing reliable data buckets improves the chances that your marketing and advertising efforts resonate with your ideal consumer. The following is helpful information on four types of data buckets (categories) that can help your brand impress new customers.

4 Helpful Data Buckets

Analyzing data buckets—especially specific categories of information—can guide your digital and print messaging. Leveraging data is a great way to gain a leg up on your competition while ensuring that your marketing and advertising generates sales conversions.

Demographic Data 

Analyzing demographic data buckets helps you market the right product or services to the right people. For example, different age groups require different goods and services. A law firm wouldn’t benefit from advertising estate planning to teenagers but it could benefit from advertising these services to middle-aged and senior consumers. Understanding the needs of your audience can go a long way in developing effective messaging that converts consumers into customers or clients.

Purchase History 

Successful retailers in brick-and-mortar stores as well as those who operate digital boutiques rely heavily on purchase history to reach their consumers. Reviewing your existing customers’ purchase history, for instance, helps improve customer retention. Let’s say you operate a boutique that specializes in beachwear. More than likely, your target consumers will purchase a new swimsuit each year as the weather warms up. Sending targeted e-mail and direct mail to consumers who have bought from your business in the past during peak times like Spring Break and Summer could generate new sales from existing customers.

Geographic Data 

Location shapes a lot of consumer behavior. The needs of consumers on the West Coast will vary substantially from consumers in Midwestern climates. Understanding the geographic needs of your customers can go a long way in delivering brand messaging that is relevant to their wants and needs. Geographic data buckets involve more than lifestyle needs associated with climate, too. The needs of suburban and urban customers vary quite a lot from rural consumers.

Interest-Based Data 

Sorting data buckets based on consumer interests can be invaluable. Cross-referencing interest-based data with other consumer data could help you glean useful insights on what types of messaging appeal to your customers. Interest-based data can include history on specific categories of purchases like tech devices, vehicles, and sporting equipment. This data can also include philanthropic and political donations. When you pair interest-based data with purchase history and demographic data, you can get a comprehensive understanding of what appeals to consumers and drives their purchasing decisions.

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