How to Leverage Big Data for a Highly Effective Direct Marketing Campaign

How to Leverage Big Data for a Highly Effective Direct Marketing Campaign - Pel Hughes print marketing new orleans

As time progresses and technology improves, much of work and life is becoming quantified.  We rely on numbers and “big data” to analyze performance, obtain a competitive advantage in the workplace and ultimately stay in business.  However, generating inroads with customers proves that much more challenging with each passing day as more products and services reach the market.  Furthermore, the average person is inundated with marketing materials ranging from traditional outbound ads on TV and radio to direct mail, covert inbound marketing by way of social media and beyond.   Businesses that do not adhere to a data-driven advertising strategy will find it difficult to connect with targeted customers.

The Importance of Data Science in Modern Marketing

Nowadays, personalization is the name of the game when it comes to marketing.  Those who use data science to their advantage understand exactly how marketing messages can be customized and formatted to suit specific demographics and preferences.  A generic one-size-fits-all solution will not suffice. If you do not personalize your communications with your clients, you really will miss out on that many more opportunities to add to your customer base and grow your business.  The prudent use of big data makes it that much easier to figure out what consumers are inclined to purchase, the optimal marketing format, the point in time at which sales are most likely, the services with the most interest, etc.

Big Data and Direct Mail: Understand how Your Customers Shop

Once you have the proper data in-hand, you will be able to understand how your customers find your business, purchase your offerings and generally engage with your brand.  This information facilitates the creation of campaigns designed in accordance with nuanced interests, ultimately improving the chances for leads and additional revenue.

Big data that is properly analyzed can also make it easier to gauge which services and products customers are most interested in when perusing the company website.  The stats can even show how frequently a certain service or product page is revisited. Furthermore, if a customer has bought something from the site in the past or is signed up for your email list, the saved contact information will make it easier to generate a truly individualized message.

Understand how Customers use Social Media

You can learn a lot by analyzing those who follow your business on social media.  Even those who “like” your posts are a treasure trove of valuable information. Find out as much as you can about these people and you will have important information about your target demographic at your fingertips.  After all, those who regularly interact with businesses on social media are typically the best targets for targeted marketing efforts.

Use Data to Fortify Your Direct Mail Strategy

Though investments in paid search, email marketing and social media pushes can certainly pay dividends, direct mail has a comparably high response rate.  The days of using a generic form message are long gone. Today, direct mail is centered on delivering a completely unique message. Big data makes it easy to generate individualized messages that prove indelible.  Make a lasting impression on your audience and they will prove that much receptive to your outreach efforts and possibly become loyal customers.