The Top 5 Graphic Design Trends of 2019 - pel hughes print marketing new orleans la

Activism, chaotic typography, negative space designs and metallic elements dominated graphic design in 2018. However, that was so…well, 2018. 

Not to say that these trends have completely faded into obscurity–trends such as activism and metallic colors are still popular–but this is a new year and with it comes new graphic trends. Below are the top 5 graphic design trends this year that will show you have that trend-setting aptitude in your brand.     


  • Three Dimensions 


3D is at the top of the list for a reason. With the ever-evolving and rapidly-expanding advances in technology, 3D is allowing graphic designers to create 3D masterpieces that immerse the user in their designs.

In addition to recreating the flat world seen in most illustrations, we can expect designers to also use 3D to enhance webpages and create new VR and AR experiences. This stable trend is expected to expand immensely in 2019.



  • BOLD Light and Dark Color Schemes 


We all know contrast is nothing new and has indeed been a staple of successful design campaigns for decades, however this is 2019. Light and dark color schemes that really make that logo or font POP is the rage this year. 

Uncluttered and clean visuals are becoming necessary for viewing content on smaller screens, and contrasting colors such as black/hot pink is a big trend that spreading to designers generally. Many designers are now creating multiple versions of their light and dark palettes and it’s taking off with users. 



  • Gatsby-style (or Art Deco)


Back in the 1920’s, Gatsby-style art with elegant and geometric shapes were all the craze. In fact, the “modern” design era gets its name from this artistic movement that began after World War I. And this trend from the roaring twenties is roaring back in 2019.

Designers are embracing art-deco-inspired designs, especially in logo work. Logos or typography featuring art-deco feel luxurious yet comfortable and are set to blow up this year. 



  • Simplicity 


We semi-mentioned it in #3, but clean and simple graphics really are a staple of any successful design in today’s techno-world. The idea of minimalism is one of the most classic and timeless design trends, and continues to be the go-to, especially for web design. The fewer the elements of content, the less your audience will have to work. When surfing the web, that’s a good thing. 



  • Open Compositions


Its 2019 – leave it open to the imagination. After years of using boxes and frames to encase design elements in a strict order, this year the trend is to embrace a more open concept. Designers are creating pieces where viewers feel like they’re only seeing part of the whole thing and there’s an entire world off the page. 

In 2019, let your audience’s mind wonder and think, “what else is out there?”