Direct Mail Campaigns: Why Marketers Choose Print

To some, print advertising and marketing might seem antiquated but industry experts respectfully disagree with that notion. A recent survey of top tier marketing professionals in the United States indicates that 74% of the industry’s experts favor direct mail campaigns to other forms of marketing, including email. This survey and report, The 2023 State of Direct Mail, offers some interesting insights that can help guide your future marketing efforts, particularly direct mail campaigns.  

Highlights from the State of Direct Mail 

One key finding from this survey was that 74% of marketers believe that direct mail campaigns yield substantially more benefit than other forms of marketing, including digital channels like social media and email. While this isn’t to say that digital marketing isn’t important, it does make the case for merging print with digital for optimal results.  

This report surveyed 250 marketing professionals throughout North America. All those surveyed were employed at large corporations with more than 1,000 employees. The survey’s respondents worked in a variety of industries including non-profit organizations, banking, insurance, e-commerce, retail, and healthcare.  

The State of Direct Mail survey revealed that the overwhelming majority of marketers believe the key to maximizing the effectiveness of direct mail campaigns is automation. In fact, 81% of marketers using automated direct mail campaigns believe automation provides substantially higher response rates when compared to the results of marketers who do not use automation. Campaign automation is especially useful for following up with customers who visited your website, added an item to a shopping cart, or those who engaged with your business via e-mail or social media.  

Measuring the effectiveness of direct mail is more important than ever. Having reliable metrics was a concern for the respondents of this survey, too. According to the 36% who encountered lackluster response rates found that bad data such as incorrect addresses was a major culprit. This aspect of the survey demonstrates the need for database services and access to up-to-date consumer indexes. Successful direct mail campaigns require reliable information for its recipients as well as proper management of this data.  

How Pel Hughes Can Help Improve Your Direct Mail Campaigns  

Our full-service printing company experiences the power of direct mail every day with our clients’ campaigns. From non-profit organizations to businesses operating in insurance, banking, law, healthcare, and retail, well-executed direct mail has the power to attract new clients/customers, retain them, and build a powerful brand identity.  

The most effective direct marketing campaigns harness the power of technology. To help our clients thrive, Pel Hughes offers database services, campaign automation, direct mail retargeting, personalization with Variable Data Printing, and so much more. Technology can help your business expand your reach with reliable demographic and consumer data while making the execution of direct mail easy and efficient.  

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