3 Helpful Factors to Determine the Success of Direct Mail Campaigns

Evaluating the success of direct mail campaigns involves taking a comprehensive view of the types of marketing you’re using and the metrics you have. For instance, focusing heavily on one type of metric may not provide a detailed view of which elements of your marketing efforts are working and which aren’t.  

Direct mail has a powerful effect on brand recognition and consumers’ purchasing behavior. Most people find direct mail to be trustworthy and pleasant. This is a stark contrast to how some people feel about digital advertising including e-mail campaigns and sponsored content on social media.  

If you’re curious about determining the success of your direct mail campaigns, the experts at Pel Hughes offer three factors you should consider.  

#1 Utilize Cross Media Marketing  

Consistent branding across digital and non-digital channels is an important component of developing consumer awareness with your brand and your services. Inconsistent messaging can be confusing for consumers. When deploying a direct mail campaign, be certain that your messaging across all marketing channels is on-brand and cohesive.  

Direct mail can help spurn consumer action while digital advertising can help expose potential consumers to your brand. Utilizing cross media marketing properly can enhance the effectiveness of all your marketing efforts. One way to merge digital marketing with direct mail is to include incentives for visiting your website or following your social media accounts. For example, coupon codes and buy-one-get-one free promotions are great for driving direct mail recipients to your online store.  

#2 Pinpoint Audience Insights from Direct Mail Campaigns

Data can help you determine what parts of your marketing strategy are resonating with consumers. Pinpointing the metrics that help you determine this will make it that much easier to replicate a successful approach in the future.  

Helpful data such as logging answers to questions like “how did you hear about us?” can help you evaluate where new interest in your business is coming from.  

When it comes to evaluating data for consumer insights, it’s important to look at a number of metrics. Tracking website visits, increased sales, affiliate marketing links, and coupon codes specific to your direct mail campaigns are great tools for determining what generates consumer interest.  

#3 Find Balance in Creativity 

Creativity is powerful but undisciplined creativity can be a waste of your time and money. Brands need to find balance between the analytical and the creative. That being said, it is important to not stifle the creative process or the insight of graphic designers and copywriters. 

 Instead, pool ideas together and select the ideas that can help replicate successful marketing efforts of the past. One way to harness powerful creativity is to operate with an understanding of what your target consumers find important and by following the market trends of your industry.  

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