Why Print Advertising is Still Important for Your Marketing

Why Print Advertising is Still Important for Your Marketing - pel hughes print marketing new orleans la

Print advertising might be in decline during the digital age but it’s not dead. The truth is that print advertising is still relevant, even in the time of Covid-19. If you provide a service-based business or have a brick-and-mortar store, you absolutely need to tap into effective methods of print advertising. From mailing circulars and promotional offers to having catalogues, print advertising can take your business to the next level.  

Our team at Pel Hughes has compiled some compelling reasons that demonstrate how important print advertising is in the modern age.  

#1 If you interface with your customers/clients in person, print will always be valuable.  

Unless you’re running a web-based business, print advertising should have a place in your marketing budget. Whether that’s coupons handed out at the point of sale or mailing promotional offers to your community, print advertising can boost sales and bring more customers to your door.  

#2 Luxury customers enjoy print.  

Let’s say you run a high-end boutique. Luxury customers tend to value print advertising over digital. Sending a seasonal or yearly catalogue to recurring customers might encourage them to leave their homes and shop in person.  

#3 Print advertising can complement your digital marketing efforts.  

Print and digital don’t have to be in competition; in fact, they can complement each other. Print advertising can offer incentives such as special offers or insider information to recipients who follow you on social media or sign up for newsletters with their e-mail address. This can help beef up your digital presence while engaging with your community.  

#4 Digital advertising isn’t tangible.  

If your business involves aesthetics and design, print still has a place. Whether that’s having brochures and/or glossy catalogues, you will likely need a combination of print and digital to get your message across. Print advertising evokes the sense of touch, too. High quality paper with texture can leave a lasting impression on potential clients and customers.  

#5 Print can enhance sales—especially during a pandemic.  

COVID-19 has changed the way people interact with one another. A firm handshake or having a one-on-one discussion in close quarters could be deadly. This fear has affected traditional sales. Having an eye-catching brochure or a well-designed presentation folder can help you sell what your brand has to offer. 

#6 Direct mail still resonates with consumers.  

Coupons, postcards, and promotional offers still translate to sales. Developing a great direct mail campaign has a higher ROI than e-mail marketing and digital ads. In fact, direct mail is a great way to engage with consumers from diverse demographics—especially since direct mail campaigns are seen as the most trustworthy form of advertising.  

While digital marketing has certainly changed the landscape of print advertising, it hasn’t made print obsolete. If you need help with print advertising, our experts at Pel Hughes can help. We have a team of seasoned professionals and use the latest printing technology. Give us a call at (504) 486-8646 to learn more.