10 Awesome Designs for Company Brochures with Templates

10 Awesome Designs for Company Brochures with Templates - pel hughes print marketing new orleans la

The brochure is one of the most lauded print materials a company can invest in. Well-made brochures convey your entire brand’s message in a matter of seconds. It sets the tone for what clients or customers can expect from your company and your offerings. A poorly-made brochure, however, does the opposite. 

Selecting the right layout for your brochure matters.  If you’re looking for brochure inspiration, the team at Pel Hughes has curated ten wonderful designs that can suit the needs of businesses in a range of industries.  

#1 A Modern Bi-Fold Brochure 

A departure from the standard tri-fold brochure, this modern bi-fold piece features geometric graphics and a sleek, modern design. This brochure is perfect for businesses operating in the creative realm, such as copywriting, graphic design, or digital marketing.  

#2 A Minimalistic Corporate Brochure 

This minimalist corporate brochure conveys a powerful brand message without a busy, dizzying aesthetic. It’s a bi-fold design with clean, professional elements that can suit a range of industries and business sizes.  

#3 A Corporate Profile Brochure 

This template could meet the needs of a number of businesses in the market for a corporate profile brochure. It is easily customizable and boasts grid-based layouts. This editorial style template accommodates up to 20 pages of content.  

#4 A Bright Brochure for Companies in the Finance Sector 

This inviting and bright brochure has room for plenty of copy and infographics. Ideal for financial planning and accounting firms, this brochure presents helpful information in a clean, organized manner. 

#5 A Modern Brochure for Proposals 

Brochures are excellent tools for accompanying proposals. This template boasts a bold, eye-catching design with enough room for infographics, stock photos, and copy to help sell an idea or service.  

#6 A Sleek Annual Report Brochure 

Annual reports are one of the most important materials a company will distribute. This 16-page template is grid-based and well-organized for compartmentalizing important information.  

#7 A Bold Brochure for Non-Profits 

This striking brochure is perfect for nonprofits that serve animals, the environment, and other ecological causes. Its customizable design is perfect for showcasing vivid photos and drawing attention to copy with an important mission.  

#8 A Red Brochure for Educational Institutions 

This tri-fold template is great for colleges, trade schools, and private/charter schools. It is customizable with bold fonts, icons, images, and modern colors.  

#9 An Information-Forward Brochure for the Healthcare Industry 

Whether you operate a dental, medical, or chiropractic practice, this informative brochure is great for presenting fact-based information to patients. Perfect for patient education, this brochure has bright colors, great readability, and room for evidence-backed copy that helps people take charge of their wellbeing.  

#10 A Corporate Brochure for Creative Agencies 

This easy-to-edit template offers striking design and ample space for copy. Its images, text, and colors can be personalized without difficulty. 

If you’re looking for great support on your next brochure, give the team at Pel Hughes a call at (504) 486-8646. We can print your brochures from templates or our graphic designers can help you develop a stunning brochure from scratch.