The Lost Art of Print: How Print is Making a Comeback in the 21st Century

The Lost Art of Print - pel hughes print marketing new orleans la

The Digital Age is in full swing, but that doesn’t mean print is obsolete. In fact, print is making a comeback in the form of direct mail, branded materials, and more. Although more people are shopping online than ever before, you can drive traffic to your digital channels with polished print pieces. 

In the last two decades, businesses in every major industry have moved their marketing efforts to digital spaces. While digital marketing is beneficial, there’s still a need for conventional print advertising. Exhaustive market research has shown that companies who utilize both traditional and digital advertising see higher ROIs and conversions than businesses who rely on one form of advertising and marketing. 

The trick with omnichannel marketing is to choose forms of advertising that work. Wasting your money and time on ineffective marketing is simply unwise. When it comes to print, it’s best to stick with the tried-and-true methods of reaching new customers and building brand awareness. The most effective form of traditional print advertising is direct mail

The Effectiveness of Direct Mail

The only method of advertising that surpasses direct mail is e-mail. While e-mail is performing well, enhancing your current marketing initiative with direct mail can drive traffic to your website and increase your sales. Direct mail is seeing a renaissance of its own, too. This form of advertising resonates with all generations—including the coveted millennial demographic. Researchers believe the popularity of direct mail is rooted in nostalgia. After all, we all yearn for simpler times. 

Direct mail is effective because you have less competition. As mail has dwindled in popularity, well-made direct mail could stand out in consumers’ mailboxes. On average, a mailbox sees just under 20 pieces of mail in a week while the average number of e-mails in an inbox surpasses 600 per week. The volume of e-mail coming through our inboxes demonstrates just how steep the competition for one’s attention is. 

What’s more impressive is that direct mail boasts an ROI of 29%, which is significantly higher than paid search and online ads. A recent study that surveyed 600 respondents found that adding direct mail to digital marketing has significantly increased sales among 83% of the survey’s participants. 

How to Tap Into the Power of Direct Mail

If you’re interested in utilizing direct mail, now is a great time to add it to your current marketing repertoire. A word of caution is necessary, however. Poorly-executed direct mail could be a waste of your time and your money. Investing in quality direct mail is the best way to see favorable ROI. Unprofessional copy and typeface along with cheap stock will not leave a positive impression on your target audience. 

Great direct mail looks professional and polished. Your mail should be cohesive with your brand’s image and appeal to consumers. Clean and sleek design with compelling copy on quality paper will help you put your best advertising foot forward. 

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