Why Does the World’s Largest Digital Advertiser Use Direct Mail?

Why Does the World’s Largest Digital Advertiser Use Direct Mail? - pel hughes print marketing new orleans la

Many people underestimate the power of direct mail. It turns out this advertising method is not as obsolete as people may think. Even the world’s largest digital advertiser, Google, utilizes direct Mail. 

Google is a Goliath— most of us use a handful of its branches, including YouTube, Gmail, Google Docs, Google Drive, and Google Maps. With abundant ways to advertise to us digitally, it might seem peculiar that Google still relies on direct mail. Utilizing direct mail is not a mistake, seeing as this powerful form of advertising is still relevant today—even in a world that is increasingly digital.

Direct mail is still relevant in 2021 and for good reason. Here we will break down why this advertising powerhouse continues to bring results. 

Direct Mail is Safe and Nostalgic

As the Digital Age transforms our daily lives, many people long for remnants of the past. Direct mail, for many generations—including millennials—fosters a feeling of nostalgia. Many industries are capitalizing on nostalgia. Hollywood, for example, has produced numerous reboots of classic movies and television shows. Nostalgia is a powerful emotion to harness as it evokes feelings of trust, comfort, and familiarity. 

Direct mail can feel safer, too. The threat of hackers and phishing scams that proliferate our emails and social media weighs on our minds whenever we make a purchase or supply identifying information online. When it comes to taking action, folks often feel more comfortable contacting a company after seeing a piece of direct mail than they would from a digital advertisement or an e-mail. 

Direct Mail Enhances Digital Marketing

When executed properly, direct mail can drive traffic to a company’s digital platforms and its website. An effective piece of direct mail will have QR codes, website URLs, and social media handles to make it easy for your potential customers to contact you. Incentives such as giveaways for following you on social media or promotional discount codes can push traffic to your digital spaces. 

Direct Mail is Tangible

When you send a piece of direct mail, you are engaging with consumers in a more concrete, tangible way. Holding and reading a piece of direct mail establishes a connection between your potential customer and your brand. 

Well-made direct mail can leave a lasting impression on consumers. Executing great direct mail campaigns involves attention to detail, investment in great design, and good paper selection. 

Direct Mail Commands Attention

When a person receives a piece of direct mail, they have to take action. Sure, some might immediately discard it but many others will read it. Direct mail can’t be ignored with a pop-up blocker. 

What Makes a Great Direct Mail Campaign

Well-made direct mail delivers results. This is one instance where you will want to “go big or go home.” Poorly-executed direct mail campaigns can be a waste of your time and leave a negative impression on your customers. 

Following are some elements to developing effective direct mail:

  • Good paper selection. The paper you choose should have some weight to it. 
  • Clear copy is a must. Too many words and illegible fonts will not inspire consumers to take action. 
  • Professional layout. Consulting a professional can do wonders for the quality of your direct mail. We strongly recommend talking with one of our in-house graphic designers to help you develop an eye-catching direct mail piece that commands attention and recognition. 

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