5 ways to take your brand outdoors with summer marketing

5 WAYS TO TAKE YOUR BRAND OUTDOORS WITH SUMMER MARKETING _ Pel Hughes print marketing new orleans

Did you know that summer is the best season to market your brand to potential clients?

  • Customers are more receptive to messages when it’s warm outside
  • Many brands fail to market during summer months, which creates more opportunities for you
  • Warm temperatures increase the perception of value, so customers are more likely to buy when temperatures rise

Using these 6 print marketing tips will give your business the boost that will help your brand stand out when promoting outdoors or outside of your businesses location.


  • Promotional products


When people are attending outdoor events, they walk around looking for reasons to visit your booth or display area. In New Orleans this is usually because it’s about 200 degrees. What better way to entice them and also promote your business by offering them promotional products that are fun and useful?

Pel Print suggest:

  • USB powered fans
  • Koozies
  • Drawstring bags
  • Cooling towels

promotional products pel print pel hughes



  • Full color custom branded banners, table covers and canopies


If you are going to be outside at a local festival, street fair, or any number of summer events, you will need to stand out from the crowd. Make sure your space is dressed to impress with full-color banners and table covers. Also, go big and bold with a branded canopy and your business is sure to be seen.


  • Promotional flags outside of your business


Promotional flags are an easy and affordable way to tell everyone where you are located. It’s important to take full advantage of your outside space and flags help you do that. You can get branded teardrop flags or feather flags with your logo and colors imprinted on them and they are built to last.



  • Window Graphics


Having well-designed and printed signage along with appealing window graphics is vital to helping your business pop visually to those who are passing by. If you don’t have a sign or window graphics, you are making it that much harder for customers to find you. Having professional signage will increase your likelihood of walk-in traffic and also shows that you are a professional business with a clear sense of who you are while dominating the landscape.



  • Car door magnets


Brand your business on-the-go with car door magnet printing. Maximize your reach by recruiting friends, family members, and employees to sport your car door magnets on their vehicles, too – and if you have a fleet of work vehicles, make sure your branding is evident on each.


Ready to heat up summer sales with a powerful branding campaign? Contact Pel Hughes today to discuss your next project!