Is an e-mail marketing list more effective than social media marketing?

Is an e-mail marketing list more effective than social media marketing?

Say you have a limited marketing budget and want the most bang for your buck. You might be thinking that social media campaigns and advertising will bring in conversions. While social media is a marketing powerhouse, it’s surprisingly not as effective as e-mail marketing. Data backs this up; e-mail marketing has a conversion rate that’s nearly five times higher than social media. 

Following are compelling reasons on why you should consider deploying an e-mail marketing campaign. 

#1 E-mail Marketing Can Be Personalized

Marketing through e-mail can be far more personal than social media. When you deploy an e-mail promotional campaign, you can personalize the copy with your recipient’s name. You can also send e-mails based on who has made purchases recently. For example, your e-mail campaign could offer a promotion to entice former buyers back to your business. Something along the lines of “We’ve missed you. Here’s 30% off your next order” could help generate sales from previous customers. 

#2 E-mail Marketing is Cost-Effective

Social media ad space can be expensive; there’s also little control over who sees your ads and when. When every cent counts, a user seeing your advertisement that doesn’t fit your target demographic is a waste of your money. Utilizing e-mail lists to send out promotions and discounts, however, ensures that your content is delivered to the people you want to receive it. 

#3 E-mail Marketing Offers Higher Conversions & Better ROI

Research shows that e-mail marketing produces higher rates of conversions and has better ROI than social media advertising. In fact, e-mail campaigns see an engagement rate of over 22% and an ROI of 4400%. Conversely, the ROI of social media advertising is not known and its engagement rate sits at roughly 0.58%. This data demonstrates the effectiveness of e-mail marketing when compared to social media. 

#4 E-mail Marketing Gives You Ownership of Your Audience

When you market to social media users, the social media platform stands between you and your target customer. When you market through e-mail, you have more ownership of who sees your promotions. Curating a great e-mail list takes time and effort. It’s best to maintain as much control over your promotional initiatives as possible. 

#5 E-mail Marketing Generates Visits to Your Website

The goal of any marketing campaign is to drive traffic to your website and/or your store. Embedding hyperlinks to your website in your e-mail campaigns can increase traffic. Visits to your website help familiarize consumers with your products and drive sales. 

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