Have you been looking for ways to improve your print marketing efforts? If so, there’s great news. By following three simple tips, you’ll be well on your way to making your print ads, labels, and content come to life.

Start Using QR Codes

QR codes might look like funny barcodes, but they are an excellent way to bring valuable information to your customers. In fact, when a customer scans a QR code using a mobile device that’s connected to the Internet, he or she will then be taken to your online site or application. It’s here that customers can watch videos relating to your services and products, leave feedback and lots more.

Always Incorporate Social Media Profiles

When it comes to bringing life to your print, social media is the way to go. On all printed materials that you supply to customers, make sure to let them know that you are active on an assortment of social media platforms and that you would love to connect with them. Once the two of you connect with one another, you’ll then be able to interact like never before.

Include the URL to Your Website

If your customers don’t know the link to your website, how are they supposed to visit your online store? Because of this, make sure that all of your printed materials include the URL to your website. Also, if your company hosts a blog, make sure to include the URL to it as well.