Ideas for Your Next Print Marketing Campaign

Print marketing is certainly not dead, as some internet devotees would have you believe. It still holds an important place in your overall marketing plans. Here are some ideas that will help your next print marketing campaign stand out from the rest.

Print Marketing Is More Unique

The competition for customers online is extreme, which makes it more difficult to stand apart from other companies in your field. Since most businesses focus on internet marketing, print media helps you to grab attention.

When you see ads in your email, how long do you usually spend looking at each one? Long enough to delete it, or perhaps to mark the email as spam. Checking your postal mail is entirely different, according to Marketing Profs. You probably bring your mail into your home and at least glance at each piece, before throwing some of them away and keeping some for sales in which you are interested. This means that print materials may receive a good deal more attention than online ads.

Print Marketing and Social Media

Many companies use social media sites to engage their customers and potential customers. Look back a bit farther. Before there were social sites online, there were business cards. Handing someone a business card is a social contact in the most basic sense. You can also integrate print marketing with social media.

Print Media with QR Codes

More people than ever connect with companies like yours online. The technology is still developing, and as it does, print media develops ways to use it. A QR code, that unusual square logo that Smarthphones can read, allows potential customers to scan your print media into their phones, and be taken to your website.

QR codes are customizable with various patterns and colors to integrate into your next print marketing campaign. This type of technology can connect people to your website, but it can do more. It can also play videos or distribute files, or share features that will encourage potential customers to seek you out and engage with you, and even share your company sales with other potential customers.