Postage Rate Increases for 2023 

Last month, the USPS filed for a proposed rate increase with the Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC) in an effort to mitigate the effects inflation has had on its operations. This proposal involves raising the price of postage three cents domestically and five cents internationally. If the PRC approves this proposed postage rate increase, the new rates will go into effect in July of 2023.  

Below is a helpful table to better understand these proposed postage rate increases. 

Mail Type  Existing Postage Rate  Proposed Postage Rate 
First-Class Mail Letters (1.0 oz)  $0.63  $0.66 
First-Class Mail Letters (metered 1.0 oz)  $0.60  $0.63 
Postcards (Domestic)  $0.48  $0.51 
First-Class International Mail (1.0 oz)  $1.45  $1.50 
First-Class International Mail (metered 1.0 oz)  $1.45  $1.50 

The USPS is also proposing increases for other services including postal boxes and certified mail.  

Tips for Managing Postage Rate Increases 

Businesses and marketers who rely on the USPS for their direct mail will likely feel some burn with these proposed rate increases. Additional postage on each mail piece for large volume campaigns can become very costly. The pros at Pel Hughes can help. We offer a suite of services to help our clients get the most from their direct mail campaigns.  

Following are some helpful tips to offset the effects of postage rate hikes.  

Use Our Database Services to Improve Your Mailing Lists 

If your business has been using the same mailing lists for a couple of years or longer, now is a great time to consider using our database services. Cleaning up your database can eliminate a lot of waste. We use state-of-the-art software and have access to reliable consumer data to ensure that your mailing list is comprised of accurate and active addresses. Database services will help ensure that your direct mail campaigns are sent to quality recipients.  

Automate Your Campaigns to Save Money on Labor 

Campaign automation can save time, money, and labor. We offer Storefront, a digital library to house all your print and marketing materials. Campaign automation makes it easy to send direct mail to new and existing customers with just a few strokes of a keypad. Storefront is also helpful for ensuring that your business stays within your marketing budget because you can set limits on orders and provide specific permissions to your personnel.  

Enhance Your Direct Mail with Cross Media Marketing 

If you need to tighten your print advertising budget, cross media marketing can help. Leveraging e-mail and social media marketing can help build your brand and enhance the effectiveness of your direct mail campaigns. We provide several cross media marketing services to help you make the most of your marketing budget and improve your direct mail response rates.  

Analyze Past Performance of Your Campaigns 

If postage rate increases cause concern, the pros at Pel Hughes highly recommend taking a close look at the performance of your last campaigns. Analyzing KPIs like response rates and sales conversions can help you determine what messaging resonates with consumers, which campaigns at various times of the year are most effective, and more. Taking a deep dive into past performance can help you reduce costs, increase sales, and improve your messaging.  

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