Marketing with Large Graphics: Windows, Walls, Floors, & Doors 

Your walls, floor, windows, and business vehicles are a blank canvas with which you can improve your marketing efforts. Marketing with large graphics is ideal for brick-and-mortar locations including salons, cafes, boutiques, health and dental clinics, and automotive shops. This form of marketing is also great for higher education institutions and non-profit organizations like nature preserve centers and animal shelters. Marketing with large graphics can serve two purposes: these graphics can educate consumers and patrons about your offerings and services while also maximizing all your business’ space for advertising.  

Pel Hughes offers large graphic printing services to help you make the most of your business or organization’s brand messaging and marketing. Below are some helpful insights into how marketing with large graphics can benefit your enterprise.  

Large Graphics Marketing for Health and Dental Clinics 

Health and dental clinics as well as chiropractic practices and pharmacies can benefit from large graphic marketing. Examination rooms, walls, windows, and lobbies can feature calming scenery with branded messaging along with information that offers patient education. Large graphics can also enhance privacy for patients in treatment areas and examination areas without sacrificing a clinic’s aesthetic.  

When using large graphics in clinical settings, we recommend selecting calming and serene color schemes, fonts, and stock photos. It is important that your large graphics enhance your patient’s experience. Avoid using aggressive colors and fonts or images that may be disturbing to some people who are uneasy in medical situations.  

Marketing with Large Graphics for Retail and Restaurants 

Retail spaces and eateries have a lot to gain when marketing with large graphics. For example, clothing stores and boutiques can feature large graphics on dressing rooms, windows, and even on flooring. These graphics can showcase seasonal fashion trends and popular products. Cafes and restaurants, on the other hand, can highlight popular and tantalizing menu items with their large graphics. Imagine the power of a professionally photographed, mouthwatering dish featured on the entrance windows of an establishment. When it comes to marketing with large graphics in eateries, we recommend showcasing popular and permanent menu items rather than specials or dishes with seasonal ingredients.  

Large Graphic Marketing for Higher Education 

Colleges and universities are great places for large graphics marketing. Student centers, bookstores, libraries, and lobbies in various buildings are perfect places for large printed graphics. These graphics can highlight historic milestones at your institution, announce specific services and amenities, and welcome visitors. Large graphics can also double as wayfinding signage, which improves visitor and student experiences on your campus.  

Before developing a large graphics marketing campaign, we recommend consulting with the printing pros at Pel Hughes. We offer graphic design services and an array of printing techniques to help your graphics stand out from the crowd without clashing with your established brand image. Give our friendly experts a call at (504) 486-8646 to learn more.