Marketing With Print Newsletters for a Competitive Edge 

Marketing with print newsletters is a powerful form of conventional advertising that could boost your sales, develop long-term relationships with your clientele, and add authenticity to your business or organization. While digital marketers may tell you that “print is dead”, a wealth of research indicates otherwise. The experts at Pel Hughes believe that merging print and digital marketing is how businesses can gain an edge in today’s competitive business climate.

Benefits of Marketing with Print Newsletters

According to a recent article in Entrepreneur, print newsletters pack a punch with consumers for a number of reasons. The article’s author, Kim Walsh Phillips believes that print newsletters bring high value clientele because they show your consumer base that you are investing time and money into your communication with them. Print newsletters convey a level of authenticity and dedication to your clientele beyond what you can demonstrate through digital mediums. Moreover, newsletters take a more passive approach to promoting your business. Rather than sales-heavy copy and self-promoting content of products and services, print newsletters give entrepreneurs an outlet to humanize their enterprise. Print newsletters that incorporate information about community-oriented contributions and charitable work are especially powerful. Today’s consumers are quite conscientious and enjoy spending their money with cause-conscious companies. 

With a newsletter, you can discuss exciting goals you’ve met, how your business is providing jobs, discuss industry-related topics, and highlight upcoming projects that showcase growth and success. A print newsletter is also a wonderful way to incorporate customer testimonials, which can help your clientele make wise purchasing decisions. 

One major advantage to marketing with print newsletters is that you can see a considerably higher ROI with this mode of communication. This is often because your newsletter, when delivered to a mailbox, is more likely to be read by its recipient than a digital newsletter. Since a physical mailbox doesn’t have to contend with spam filters and algorithms and because printed materials facilitate a tactile experience, the likelihood that your audience will peruse your newsletter is higher. Print invokes the senses in a way that digital communication can’t. 

Tips for Great Newsletters

The experts at Pel Hughes work with businesses and organizations in a number of industries for their print materials. We have helped countless clients deploy print newsletter campaigns for decades. Some tips for best practices include:

  • Determine the frequency of your newsletter. Consistency is important and your long-time customers will take notice. Some organizations and businesses send newsletters on a monthly basis while others choose to send theirs quarterly or annually. The frequency of your newsletters will likely depend on your specific industry and what you have to offer.
  • Ensure that your newsletter’s copy takes an informative tone. Newsletters are a great time to provide education to your clientele. For instance, if your business provides accounting services, a newsletter can add value to your clients by discussing tax planning, changes in legislation, and other informative topics related to accounting services.
  • Take the opportunity to celebrate your company or organization’s successes. Newsletters are a great time to discuss the addition of new employees to your team and the expansion of your business’ new offerings and services. 
  • Utilize professional copywriting and graphic design. Your newsletter should have well-executed format, professional photos, and error-free copy. Consumers will appreciate your attention to detail. 

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