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From e-blasts to event marketing, content to promotional, the available methods for spreading the word about your product or service seems…well, limitless.

And maybe a little overwhelming.

At Pel Hughes, we believe in the power of the tactile. In the irreplaceable impact of an item someone can hold in their hands. Something that says “hey, this is who we are.”

That’s why we love USPS’s Every Door Direct Mail tool. If you haven’t heard of it, you’ll probably never want to live without it after today.

For a quick summary, check out this video: 

What is Every Door Direct Mail?

Every Door Direct Mail is a service that USPS offers to facilitate your targeted direct mail campaign. With the help of its mapping tool and demographic filters (drawn from census data – age range, average household size, income, etc.), you can select postal routes along which you want your direct mail delivered – no names or addresses required. You get those materials printed, drop them off at a USPS location, and they’ll do the rest.

The kicker?

Each mailpiece costs less to send than the price of a stamp.

You can send any of the following:

  • Postcards
  • Product samples
  • Flyers & self mailers
  • Brochures and booklets
  • Letters

Creating A Mailpiece

That’s where Pel Hughes comes in. While you have the option of creating your own piece, you can also recruit a business that lives and breathes printing beautiful, effective marketing materials.

No matter what you choose, the process is simple:

  1. Create a USPS account
  2. Select Your Routes using the mapping tool (we can help!)
  3. Create a Mailpiece (give us a call!)
  4. Call us to get it printed!
  5. Choose your drop off date
  6. Prepare mail bundles (this, too)
  7. Fill out processing forms
  8. Pay online or at the office
  9. Submit mailing to a post office for delivery

If this sounds like the missing piece in your marketing campaign, don’t hesitate to contact us to learn a little more. We’ll be glad to tell you how the team at Pel Hughes can help you navigate the rough waters of direct mail with a service we swear by.