Every Door Direct Mail: 5 Things Business Owners Should Know 

Every Door Direct Mail is a program offered by the USPS. This program makes sending out direct mail incredibly easy and quite cost-effective. If you’re new to hearing about this program, you may be shocked to learn just how much Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) can help your enterprise thrive.

How Every Door Direct Mail Works

EDDM is a user-friendly program that makes it possible to develop direct mail campaigns targeting specific locations. By aggregating data from the Census Bureau, EDDM helps businesses of all sizes send out cost-effective campaigns. The program offers different options and rates depending on the volume of mail you’re sending and the type of parcel you intend to mail. For instance, a new health food store or grocer can benefit from using EDDM to mail circulars while a chiropractor can celebrate the grand opening of his or her practice with mailed postcards. Service-based and retail-forward businesses have developed successful campaigns by utilizing EDDM. 

Following are five things you need to know about Every Door Direct Mail. 

#1 Send Campaigns Without a Mailing List

Curating mailing lists and/or purchasing them can be time-consuming and costly. Every Door Direct Mail makes it possible to target specific neighborhoods without a mailing list. This feature is ideal for new businesses or for those who do not have the technological infrastructure or staff to develop and manage mailing lists. 

#2 Reduced Costs

EDDM offers discounted rates for mailing campaigns, which can translate to big savings when you deploy a large campaign. Since mailers have options for targeting specific locations, costs can be saved because your campaign can be mailed to very specific areas. Lastly, when compared to other forms of advertising like radio or television, direct mail is substantially more affordable. 

#3 Every Door Direct Mail is User-Friendly

The online interface operated by the USPS for the EDDM program is very user-friendly. For instance, the EDDM program offers a simple tool to help you select the geographic locations where you want to send mail. Once your print collateral is ready, simply take your mailings to your local post office and the USPS will handle the rest. 

#4 Customizable for a Variety of Mailings

EDDM offers different mailing sizes that can accommodate various types of direct mail. This makes sending menus, brochures, postcards, and letters a breeze. Since you can customize the mailer size for your needs, you can ensure that your direct mail campaign resonates with potential customers. 

#5 No Costs Associated with Postal Limits

Postal limits can get expensive because once you hit a specific threshold, you will need to purchase a postal permit. With EDDM, there are no postal limits, which eliminates the costs associated with purchasing permits. 

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