Email Marketing-The Importance of Tracking

Tracking email marketing campaigns is essential to measure your success or lack of-if that happens then you will know what to do next time around. Email marketing performance and the importance of tracking are crucial for success.

They allow you to see exactly how well a campaign performed or did not and why. Giving you an advantage to change tactics or improve them for better email marketing performance. Following the news in the email marketing sector which provides insight on the best practices.

Three Important Marketing Metrics Tracked Today

  • Deliverability rate
  • Click-through rate
  • Open rate

Deliverability rate is the most important step in defining a formula for calculating the rate of delivery throughout the program. Dividing the total of delivered emails by the number of emails sent, thus giving you the deliverability rate. Removing non-active accounts will improve the rates. Determine what form of messaging works the best and with what customers, continue to improve on the delivery methods ensuring a strong customer base.

Click-through rates are the most tracked in email marketing due to the ability to further track additional information such as email ROI and revenue generated by each email. Using different calls to action, links and content will have a direct impact on the rate. Targeted email marketing messaging, in smaller segments is more relevant and highly increases results.

Open rate is a principal metric of email marketing, the largest impact is on the subject lines rating to see which works best with the headlines. Body styles are also tested using click-through and open rate to establish which style combination brings results. The results will prove if redesign is necessary. Keeping a close eye on the time of and what days your messages are sent out, different times of the day affect rates.

A successful email marketing campaign depends on your tracking methods and practices, even the slightest changes make a difference. If you continue to track and measure the results, only the best possible solutions will arise, furthering your campaign success. The importance of email marketing tracking is what forms the bond between you and your customers.

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