4 Ways to Make Your Business Card Stand Out

Work spaces can quickly get cluttered. This makes it easy and tempting for prospects to quickly go through all loose notes, papers, and business cards to clear a space quickly. Make them think twice about throwing your business card away when this happens! Here are

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some ways to make your leads and prospects put your card in the “Keep” pile!

Color: Colors are always an effective marketing tool. It helps catch the eye, it entices people to pay closer attention to it, and it may just be refreshing to look at compared to dull white materials. Colors can be incorporated into bold headlines, images, or just be a background color, but no matter what, it will help your card look different from the vast majority of cards. It can also help trigger your prospects to remember who the card belongs to because of its unique look.

Material: Think about ordering magnetic business cards! Two benefits of this is the heavier material that would be used for the card, and its functionality. Just be holding the card, the weight of it makes a difference to a prospect. It’s no longer a flimsy piece of paper, it has substance that shouldn’t be tossed in the trash. The magnet also works wonders. Even if the prospect doesn’t have interest in your company at the time, they may just hold onto it for magnet purposes. This means that for as long as the magnet stays on a magnetic surface in their home or workspace, then your business will always be in front of their eyes.

Shape: Just like color and material, the shape of the card can be a “Wow” factor too! This is a chance for you to go the extra step in creativity and give your audience an instant message of what your business provides. With die-cut printing, almost any shape is possible so don’t be afraid of restriction for this tip. Restaurants could have a burger-shaped card, dentists could have a tooth-shaped card, car dealerships could have a car-shaped card. They’re clever, fun, and share-worthy!

QR Codes: Mobile marketing is becoming one of the most marketing channels for many different businesses. Mobile tools, like QR Codes, bridge the gap between print and online media, which creates extra interactive opportunities for your business cards. You can direct QR Codes to YouTube videos, customized contact forms, special promotional codes, and more. Overall, they offer your prospects an additional channel to connect with you and your business.

When you’re ready to order your next batch of business cards, be open to these types of tactics that can help make your cards more memorable. Your cards can be a great conversation starter and could also stay in front of your prospects’ eyes for a longer amount of time.

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