2023 Design Trends You Should Know About 

The New Year is just around the corner. In 2023, design trends will likely have a unique aesthetic that reflect the norms and tastes of the time. Brands, businesses, and organizations should look to 2023 design trends and give their media a facelift to ensure that they can appeal to as many consumers as possible. Following are some of the hot trends you can expect to see in the next year.

Interesting 2023 Design Trends

Y2k is Making a Comeback

If you were old enough to remember Y2k, you likely grappled with a perplexing blend of feeling hopeful about the future and trepidation about technology dominating our lives. For many of us, Y2K was an interesting albeit confusing time. Now that over two decades have passed since this era, younger folks are revisiting the music, fashion, and pop culture trends of the time. In 2023, expect to see design trends reflecting futuristic scapes with tropical colors, grid-like backgrounds, three-dimensional objects, and lots of icy blue hues. Retail enterprises serving consumers with fashion, beauty, and everyday consumer goods may want to take notice of this emerging trend.

Bold Colors and Backgrounds 

In 2020 and 2021, we saw a huge uptick in muted hues and minimalism. Simple and clean fonts paired with muted earth tones and white backgrounds were an especially huge hit with millennials and Generation Z. While this style is certainly beautiful, consumers seem to be more attracted to bolder design now. In 2023, you will likely see vibrant hues like maroon, emerald, and navy in logos, infographics, photos, and video.

Serif Fonts 

Serif fonts fell out of popularity for a while but now they’re making a big comeback in 2023. This is likely because this font family evokes a nostalgic response, which is something that continues to resonate across many demographics. As with the emergence of Y2K-themed design, serif fonts definitely play on people’s yearning for a simpler time.


While showcasing the diversity of human beings is not a super new trend when it comes to real-life photos and videos, it’s not as common in graphics. In the next year, brands will be using graphics, icons, illustrations, and animations that are far more inclusive than years past. This trend is especially helpful for brands and businesses who serve broad demographics or for those who want to maintain an ethical and socially-conscious image.

Memes with Branding 

Memes have been a mainstay of social media communication for quite a few years now. Most of us belong to a group chat or two where our friends and acquaintances participate in “meme dumps” that bring levity to current issues. In the last few years, we’ve seen major brands take part in the world’s meme culture. For 2023, meme culture will persist but it will have a twist. Brands and companies will likely be designing branded memes so that when they are shared, social media users can see their original source with carefully placed logos and other iconic imagery related to well-known companies. If you intend to add branding to your memes, we recommend treading carefully. Lean into very lighthearted and non-divisive memes because controversy is no one’s friend.

While this blog isn’t an exhaustive list of 2023 design trends, it does provide a helpful introduction into where consumer tastes are headed for the next year. Our printing and design pros at Pel Hughes encourage our clients to take a deeper dive into upcoming trends to help shape your future campaigns. We offer direct mail, graphic design, full-service printing, and helpful client portals to make your 2023 advertising goals become a reality. Give us a call at (504) 486-8646 to request a quote.