What Trade Show Product Do You Need?

What tradeshow product do you need_ _ Pel Hughes print marketing new orleans

Here’s a little secret about trade shows — they’re not all the same. If you’ve been to different conferences or conventions, this may not be much of a surprise. But if it’s your first time to set up a trade show booth –or if you want to make the most out of it –it pays to know where each of these trade show items would excel.


Retractable Banners   

These are a staple of trade shows. If you have a booth, you’ll need one to go with it. Our retractable banners come pre-installed on a durable aluminum frame and come with their own handy carrying case.

  • Comes with a travel-friendly carrying case
  • Optional pole pockets for easy mounting
  • Pre-installed on a lightweight aluminum stand
  • Perfect for indoor use

Retractable banners are best for indoor booths that need to be repeatedly moved through different venues.

Pop Up Displays

If you really need to turn heads at your next trade show, pop up displays are your best bet. These large format displays can be used as much in the same way as backdrops, but they excel as centerpieces for your booth. You can also add LED lights to your display to make them stand out even more. You could also order just the display, if you already own a suitable frame.

  • 8′ and 10′ frames
  • Made of lightweight stretch fabric
  • Optional LED lights
  • Comes with a trolley bag

Use pop up displays at all your important trade shows for a guaranteed way to grab attention. Pop up displays come with a trolley bag for easy carrying and storage.


Table Banners

Hanging large banners might be impractical in some trade shows, especially when there are space restrictions. Table banners are the perfect tool for these situations, and for augmenting other trade show materials. Our table banners come in heavy duty vinyl, perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, and can be made in any size up to 10′ x 5′.

  • Optional grommets for easy mounting
  • Standard, premium, and mesh vinyl options available
  • Custom and standard sizes available, to suit any table

Table banners are suited for situations where the booth infrastructure is limited to a table, or to add to your table’s branding. Table banners are also excellent for any indoor or outdoor booth.

Counter Cards

Counter cards are the perfect supplemental piece for any indoor trade show booth. Counter cards are made of durable PVC board, making them resistant to spills and repeated handling, and are supported by a double-wing easel stand. Small enough to sit comfortably on any table, they are sturdier than the easily crumpled cardstock counter cards.

Sturdier than standard counter cards

  • Waterproof
  • Fit neatly on any counter

These durable cards are essential in any indoor booth, or outdoor booths in low wind conditions. Counter cards are also a good choice for booths that have to be moved repeatedly.


Feather Flags

Attractive feather flags are the go-to way to promote your brand at outdoor trade shows. They can quickly catch attention by moving in the breeze, while the message and images remain clear and readable. Thanks to a selection of base attachments, they’re also a nice alternative to retractable banners for indoor promotions.

  • Choose between complete kits or replacement flags
  • Printed on washable polyester fabric
  • Nylon travel bag included with 10′ and 13′ complete kits

If you’re participating in a trade show held outdoors, these are a must have. Feather flags come with a travel bag for easy carrying and storage.

Table Cover

Custom cover can transform any regular rectangular table into a promotional tool that really completes the look of any booth. They help maximize the tight spaces available at trade shows. The best part about tablecloths is that they let you use the underside of your table for hidden storage. And they’re reusable too.

Our tablecloths are machine washable and are a great investment that will last through multiple trade shows.

  • Poly-blend fabric
  • Fits rectangular tables up to 8′
  • 3 and 4-sided tablecloth
  • Machine washable

Custom tablecloths are a must-have for every convention booth.Tablecloths come in 3 and 4-sided types.Choose the 3-sided option to allow easier access under the table and choose the 4-sided option for situations where all sides are visible to convention-goers.



Brochures are the quintessential trade show piece. You simply can’t expect to join one without them. Help your brochures stand out with full color and a variety of folding options. Our brochures are available in different gloss, matte, and uncoated stocks.

  • Leave them flat or choose 1 of 10 different folding options
  • Stock and finish options to suit any brand
  • Essential for any trade show booth

Convert convention attendees with a well-designed brochure. They excel for B2C marketing and for selling less complex offers than you would on a sales sheet.


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