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With so much marketing technology available, it’s important to understand what a marketing portal is, and what it can do for growing organizations.

Put simply, a marketing portal is a key resource used to organize, customize, and distribute on-brand marketing content.

It also helps a corporate marketing team control their brand messaging, while still giving employees the opportunity to personalize assets on their own. Without a marketing portal in place, employees tend to waste time searching for the right asset on shared drives, or often “go rogue” creating content like proposals, presentations, or brochures on their own, without approval from marketing. This creates a disjointed experience for customers, and can limit content effectiveness. Not to mention it could cause problems if you have a compliance department or legal team.


Grow your business with a marketing portal!

In order to grow, every business needs a scalable way to get the right message to individual customers or prospects, while maintaining brand integrity. The larger a company, and the more branches or partners representing the brand, the more challenging this becomes across distributed teams and customer segments.

A marketing portal allows companies to efficiently scale, doing business globally while marketing locally, by giving all employees and partners fast access to marketing materials that can be customized within pre-approved guidelines. This ensures all customers have a cohesive experience with a company, as every touchpoint is on-brand and up-to-date.

A marketing portal should help businesses meet three specific goals:

  1. Customize marketing assets
  2. Control your brand voice
  3. Maintain compliance

To do this, key features to look for include:

  • Search capabilities
  • Autonomy
  • Customization
  • Analytics

Branded marketing portals provide your enterprise with an online, automated printing and delivery method for brand-consistent marketing communications and sales materials.

Pel Hughes designs, builds, host, and manages your web portal that gives you centralized control and management and local participation. Marketing teams can instantly deploy updated collateral, Direct mail/Email campaigns, promotional items, and any digital asset to their organization.

  • Maintain Brand Consistency
  • User-Specific Content
  • Custom Branding, Workflows & User Levels
  • Organize Order History & Reporting
  • FedEx & UPS Integration
  • On-demand Ordering
  • Automated Inventory Management

Whether you’re in the market for a marketing portal now, or maybe even next year, make sure whichever solution you chose has the features that works the best for you and your company. Contact Pel Hughes if you’d like to know more!