Top 10 Graphic Design Predictions For 2020

Top 10 Graphic Design Predictions For 2020 - pel hughes print marketing new orleans la

Each year there are subtle, yet impactful changes in the trends of graphic design. Designers that are out-of-touch with these trends will be left behind and see their product suffer as a result. 

In order to help combat this and keep graphic creators abreast of imminent developments in the new decade, we’ve composed a comprehensive list of the top 10 graphic design predictions for 2020. Now, go forth and conquer the design world!



  • Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality


2020 is the future, and the future is here. AR and VR have been around for a few years now, but in the new decade these technologies will become a staple in the graphic design world. These “experiences” in design efforts will be used extensively as designers seek to engage readers on a more innate level.  


  • Minimalist Landing Pages


With the influx of information from virtually every digital outlet in our lives, combined with our increasingly shortened attention spans, sleek landing pages keep audiences more engaged. Next year expect to see pages with less information and simple design schemes. 


  • Three Dimensions


Similar to AR & VR, 3D is a style that is becoming more and more popular with graphic designers. 3D offers a different technique that engrosses the audience and keeps them intrigued as they gaze as the fascinating elements in three dimensions. Advances in design technology will also make using 3D easier and more user-friendly. 


  • Vintage Look (with Earthy Tones)


In a change from what we saw in the late 2010’s (and in an effort to reinforce the element of minimalism), graphic designers will use more “throwback” vintage elements into their products. This includes simple images (yes, including simple 3D graphics) and calm, earthy tones. 


  • Liquids


In an effort to produce designs that reflect agility, movement and liveliness, designers will be incorporating liquids into their products in 2020. By nixing edges, designs achieve a smooth and soft look that creators are seeking in their work. When combined with elements such as transparency and animation, liquids can produce really cool design effects. 


  • Animation 


As mentioned above, animation is a great way to produce effects that are not only cool looking, but really engage your audience. Many designers and companies use animation to keep their static images or logos come alive, and this trend will increase in the new decade. 


  • Interactive Development 


A common theme as we move into 2020 is engagement. Designers that develop their web sites, for example, with interactive features such as slides and transitions will really attract users. Interactive development can also be used with design elements such as 3D, AR/VR or animation. 


  • Metallic Look 


Getting into the use of colors and materials, the metallic look as been ultra-trendy over the past year and this trend will continue. Metallic colors and materials bring a strong graphic element, and because of this they keep the simple, minimalistic design that we’ll see in 2020. Most designers that incorporate the metallic look use gold, which conveys class and luxury. Expect to see golds and silvers as a mainstay in designs in the future.  


  • Simplified Illustrations


Similar to the trend of an increased use of the vintage look, graphic designers will be developing illustrations that don’t try to do too much. Simplified illustrations don’t distract users, and this look will be very popular as designers seek to keep things simple. Finding a balance between sess noise and more information is key, here. 


  • Futuristic Patterns 


As we noted in number one, 2020 is the future. And as expected, designers will be using futuristic patterns in the new decade to showcase their place in the futuristic world. This is especially true with corporations that are often seen as stuck in the past. The pillar of this trend is that the future is wide open and unknown. Designs will reflect this idea.