The positive impact of business thank you cards

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Do you think handwritten notes are a thing of the past? Think again.

Just like interviews and first time meetings, the thank you note contributes to your overall impression. While you might not see many these days, the cards you do send will mean more than you’d ever think. Business thank you cards are a powerful way to to thank your customers for doing business with your company. Taking an extra 5 minutes to write a thank you note will help your company to stand out among others.


What keeps businesses from writing thank you notes?

There are two common reasons business don’t write thank-you notes. The biggest excuse is not having the materials at hand. Note cards or stationary, a roll of stamps, pens and an address book – all it takes is one trip to the store and you’re all set!

The second excuse is not having time. A handwritten thank you is often as short as three sentences, just like an email. The thank-you note is special; it’s to express your appreciation, so keep the focus there.

Does it take longer to address and stamp an envelope than to click “Send”? Yes, but can’t you spare one minute to give your business a boost?

At the end of the day, computer screens simply do not have the same personality and warmth of physical notes.


How can your business benefit from thank you notes?

The fact that it takes longer to write out a personal note speaks volumes to the customers – you took valuable time from your busy day to write a note just for them.

Thank you notes to a customer can have many benefits:

  • Strengthen customer relations
  • Set yourself apart from competitors
  • A handwritten note provides a personal touch in an increasingly digital world.
  • A note card is an extension of your style and brand. Sending a thank-you note to someone in a creative industry is an opportunity to show your unique personality. A personal monogram, artwork, quality of card stock and an eye-catching stamp can make a favorable impact.


Keep it simple

A thank you note sent in a business context doesn’t have to be lengthy. In fact, keeping it short is ideal, but make sure to describe in a little detail why you’re sending the note (e.g., “Thanks so much for your hard work on the fundraiser. Your attention to detail really saved the day.”).

You may want to custom-print blank cards with your company’s logo, or you could choose a pre-made design of some sort; whichever option you choose, keep in mind that your grateful client may put the card out for public display.


Will the thank you notes be worth it?

You can’t track a handwritten thank you note the way you can an email. You can’t include a clickable call to action. You can’t track if they opened it, clicked it, liked it, shared it. Hell, you might not even know if they received it. The ROI you receive won’t fit nicely on a spreadsheet. You won’t measure and optimize based on data. These all, perhaps, are reasons the thank you note has fallen out of style in modern companies.

These are also great reasons you should be writing your customers thank you notes. You should do things that don’t scale, you should be wowing your customers with service and creating remarkable experiences. Karma isn’t always clean and organized. The ROI won’t be immediate. It will be messy and nebulous. But your customers will care. They’ll remember you. All it takes is a pen and some stamps.

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