The Latest Email Design Trends

The Latest Email Design Trends - Pel Hughes print marketing new orleans

Direct mail marketing has quickly become a highly effective means of maintaining a rapport with interested clients.  The design of your emails matters just as much, if not more, than the actual content. Find the right mix of design and content and it won’t be long until your direct mail marketing campaign generates real results.  Let’s take a look at the importance of using email as a direct form of outreach and the latest email design trends.

The Importance of Email Marketing

Email marketing is now considered an incredibly valuable marketing channel.  A list of legitimate email addresses is worth good money. After all, just about everyone has an email address in 2019.  More importantly, a good number of people check their email obsessively. In some cases, all it takes is clicking “send” on an email list to connect with upwards of tens of millions of people.  However, if the emails are not properly designed and informative, they will not prove effective. It is up to you to present a visually appealing combination of images and text to keep readers interested and coming back for more as time progresses.

Consider the use of Illustrations and Other Artwork

More and more email marketers are incorporating graphics and illustrations in their emails.  The careful use of images and color makes these messages that much more aesthetically appealing and indelible in the mind’s eye.  Everything from cartoons to mascots and illustrations are now being used to engage audiences and position the company as sympathetic to the human condition.  If you can’t come up with ideas for your email design, consider outsourcing the work to a graphic designer or another visual artist.


Social sharing is all the rage these days.  The best email marketing campaigns allow for the sharing of specific sections.  Include sharing icons or lines in the midst of your emails to facilitate sharing.  This elevated user agency will keep the audience that much more engaged while helping spread the word about your expertise and services.

Mind Your Logo

Pay close attention to the manner in which your business logo is featured in your email marketing materials.  The logo design should be positioned at the top portion of the email as well as the bottom. Include your email signature toward the bottom by the logo.  Furthermore, it will help to create a unified theme by featuring the logo colors in other areas of the email for visual uniformity.

Request Feedback

A trend is emerging in which readers are directly asked to respond toward the end of emails and other marketing materials.  Requesting feedback is an efficient means of gauging the audience’s response to the marketing message.

Integrate Social Media With Care

It was not long ago when social media page buttons were lined up like ducks in a row at the bottom of emails and web pages.  Nowadays, designers are finding creative ways to implement social media icons. Consider enlarging some such buttons, display them as vibrating or presenting them in another creative manner to capture the audience’s attention.

Be Careful When Positioning the CTA Button

The CTA button should jive with the brand in terms of color and size.  Position this button toward the center of the page so it can be seen and clicked with ease.  Ideally, your CTA will be positioned above the fold, meaning in the middle portion of the top half of the page.

Keep an Open Mind as new Trends Emerge

Email marketing will continue to evolve in the months and years ahead.  As an example, interactive emails seem to be the new wave. This style of email is enjoyable, engaging and memorable.  Interactive emails feature everything from surveys to images, the option to purchase within emails, the ability to perform queries with built-in search bars and so much more.  Remain open to similar advancements and the investment you make in email marketing will pay big dividends.