Print Response with Direct Mail: Gen X 

Have you ever wondered about print response with direct mail for Gen X? While Gen X regularly uses digital mediums to shop and communicate, this generation responds favorably to direct mail. Tailoring your messaging to Gen X’s tastes and needs can go a long way with your direct mail campaigns. The printing pros at Pel Hughes offer some useful insight into this oft-forgotten generation.

What Marketers Need to Know About Gen X

Compared to Baby Boomers, Gen x is a small generation. They also hold far less wealth than Boomers. That’s not to say that Gen X doesn’t wield significant purchasing power; they do. When it comes to Gen X and their print response with direct mail, it’s essential that marketers understand this generation’s unique needs and consumer behavior.

The most important thing for marketers to understand about Gen X is that this generation of people is busy. Not only are most Gen X at the apex of their careers, they are also dedicated parents and caregivers. Millions of Gen Xers are grappling with long working hours, significant commutes, increased cost of living, and the dual obligation to care for their children and their aging parents. Brand messaging that focuses on simplifying one’s life and products that offer convenience are very appealing to Gen X people.

Gen Xers are quite socially conscious—especially when compared to Baby Boomers. While this generation is practical, they will pay more for goods and services from brands that operate with socially conscious business practices.

Key Facts about Gen X: 

  • People born between 1965 and 1980 are considered Gen X

  • Gen X is fiercely independent

  • This generation spends nearly $400 billion each year

  • Gen X tends to feel overlooked and forgotten when it comes to media and corporate attention

  • People who belong to Gen X tend to be skeptical and cautious. This is likely due to this generation living through multiple economic recessions and stagnant wage growth

  • Being skeptical by nature, this generation conducts more pre-purchase research on goods and services than other age groups

  • Gen X tends to be quite loyal to brands with products and services they like

Gen X’s Print Response with Direct Mail

Although most Gen Xers have a social media profile or two and regularly shop online, they tend to respond very favorably to direct mail. Since Gen X is sandwiched right between the Digital Age and the Pre-Digital Age, receiving physical mail pieces can have a comforting and nostalgic effect on this demographic.

The following statistics regarding mail and Gen X might surprise you:

  • Roughly 86% of this demographic checks their mail on a daily basis

  • About 72% of Gen Xers continue to receive paper copies of their bills and bank statements

  • Nearly 70% of this generation uses coupons on direct mail pieces

Appealing to Gen X isn’t impossible when marketers understand this age group’s circumstances and consumer behavior. When it comes to print response with direct mail, the best campaigns target Gen X directly with thoughtful copy, helpful discounts/coupons, and a basic understanding of what the average Gen Xer’s life entails.

Hype and flashiness tend to not go over well with this generation. Gen Xers prefer factual content, their own independent research, and practical solutions to their problems when making purchases. Transparency and authenticity go a long way with this generation. Presenting tangible value and practicality along with acknowledgement and respect is a great way to reach the heart of the typical Gen X consumer.

Cross media marketing is a great way for brands to connect with this generation. All direct mailpieces should have URLs, e-mail addresses, and/or QR codes to drive this age group to digital channels. Direct mail should also be personalized to make a bigger impact on these practical consumers. Purchasing incentives like BOGO offers, coupons, and discount codes also helps win over Gen Xers.

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