Reinvent the direct mail package for a restaurant.
N’Tini’s wanted to send consumers a personalized, vibrantly designed mail piece rather than their old preprinted postcard with black imprint. Previously, the client outsourced data collection, data management and mail execution. They wanted a portal to be able to manage their own data and execute campaigns at a fraction of current costs.

Provide access to an online system for complete control over marketing materials.
Pel Hughes was able to develop an online portal that would give N’Tini’s the ability to edit and update the monthly events and specials themselves, as well as allow them to execute mail campaigns at their leisure.

Increased sales, reduced costs and a thoroughly satisfied client.
When using the Pel Hughes system customized for N’Tini’s, they enjoyed a 30% jump in sales during the first three months of the partnership and reduced their marketing expenses 67% from their previous campaign. The client also expressed gratitude for the system’s amenities, ease of use and efficiency.
1) Reinvent direct mail package.
2) Provide access to online system.
3) Increase sales, reduce costs.