Mohawk MakeReady: Resources for Digital Printing

Everybody loves a deal.

That’s why the team here at Pel Hughes is in love with Mohawk MakeReady and the site’s free downloadable resources.

We’re not talking about wordy white papers or useless guides.

We’re talking FREE dielines (templates for packages that show cut lines and folds of a package on a flattened surface) your business can download and use to save major money while creating an end product that is professional, convincingly custom, and budget friendly.

From wine glass templates to golf ball boxes, Mohawk has you covered.

Check out just a few of the templates they offer:

mohawk makeready


Pretty cool, right?

PLUS – everyone in the printing business knows that standard diecutting gets expensive quickly, and in order to make it worth your while, you need to hit a minimum…which is not always ideal.

After all, you don’t always need 500 paper golf ball boxes.

With Mohawk MakeReady downloadable dielines, you can print as few as 100 copies and avoid printing in excess to simply break even.

Need another reason to Mohawk MakeReady out?

Mohawk MakeReady offers more than just die cutting templates.

Over the past ninety years, this American paper mill business has built up an incredible amount of experience, knowledge, and industry clout.

Now, this knowledge is ripe for the taking in this site’s hundreds of “practical resources”

Resources include:

  • Quick videos
  • Articles
  • Presentations

If you’d rather browse by topic, choose resources topics from design to packaging to online marketing and sales techniques.


mohawk makeready


Ready to check out Mohawk MakeReady?