10 Low Budget Methods for Effective Small Business Marketing - pel hughes print marketing new orleans la

Every successful business, no matter how large or small, knows that in order to have success you must have a successful marketing campaign. While this is easy for large profit corporations, it’s often quite difficult to small or start-up business. However, difficult doesn’t mean impossible. 

Below are 10 cost-efficient marketing methods that your small business can develop to sustain an effective and powerful marketing campaign.


  • Set up a Google My Business Account


Setting up a Google My Business account, or GMB, is arguably one of the most effective free marketing tools available. As “Googleing” has become synonymous with virtually every aspect of our lives, it makes sense that setting up a GMB will lead to greater public exposure. 

Additionally, a GMB means that your business will show up in Google Maps searches, allow customers to give your business star ratings to boost appeal, rank higher in Google searches, and earn trust from your customers. And it’s all free. 


  • Local Networking


The value of local networking is often overlooked by many small businesses, and consequently, these companies are missing out on a very proficient opportunity. Thinking locally and leveraging your community not only increases brand awareness, it also gives you the opportunity to associate your brand with positivity in the public eye.

Sponsoring an event, such as a Little League team or a 5k charity run/walk are great ways to engage with the community. Also, attending local events or small business association meetings shows your businesses commitment to the community as well as expanding your customer base.   


  • Leverage Social Media 


By now, we all know the power of the Internet and social media (see #1, above). If you haven’t created a social media account for your business, such as a Facebook page or Instagram feed, you’re already behind. Do this now. 

However, for most businesses that have already checked this box, the next step is to leverage these outlets. Social media contests are a low-cost way of building your brand awareness and generating leads. Requesting a call to action to enter the contest such as liking your page or tagging your business in a post will also increase your online views.  


  • Engage and Comment on Relevant Blogs


Here we are again using the Internet as a low-cost method for effective marketing. This time we suggest becoming active in online communities that are relevant to your business. This can mean commenting on blogs that discuss a similar product you sell or placing a link to your business on a YouTube video that is in your businesses area of expertise. 

Forums are also a great way to connect with potential customers that share similar interests as you, as well as increase your brand awareness. Engage with others and let them know how you and your business can help them address any needs they may have. 


  • Free Trials and Coupons


We saved this one for last because, perhaps aside from Google, it may be the most obvious marketing tactic, as well as the most overlooked. This is unfortunate. 

It’s well documented that if given a free sample or trial of your product, consumers are more likely to make purchases in the future. Not to mention, people love getting free stuff! Let this work for you and take advantage of this often missed opportunity. 

Running and operating a small business can be difficult, and developing a marketing campaign on a shoe-string budget doesn’t make it any easier. Let the techniques mentioned in this article work for you and in no time you’ll notice how you can create and effective and sustainable marketing campaign with little to no capital required.