Whether online or offline, creating relevant messages to communicate to your audience is hugely important. These are messages that engage with people and add value to any campaign, marketing or otherwise. As you work to create your next campaign, ask yourself, “Is this message truly relevant to my following?”

What Is a Relevant Message, Then?

Relevant messages are a critical component to any online or offline strategy. They should convey certain themes and add value in some way. Here are some examples:

  • They are revealing.
  • They are informative and timely.
  • These messages can be challenging or empathetic.
  • They may be inspirational.
  • In some cases, they can be cautionary.
  • They should always be truthful.
  • In some way, they connect directly to your audience.

Why Does Relevance Matter?

Relevant messages convey more than just an announcement, a sale or a product launch. Rather, they help to create a unique bond between the viewer of that message and those putting the message out there. For example, the right message helps to show industry leadership thus creating a bond of respect. These messages create emotion in the reader. They appeal to the consumer in some way as well. Your message must impact your reader in a way that encourages them to take the action you desire. Without a relevant message, there’s no way for your reader to connect with your company. That leaves you without the return you want.

Pulling the Pieces Together

Every type of marketing you have should communicate a relevant message to your customer regardless of the platform. It should connect with them on some level to show them why a relationship with your company or organization should matter. When you create this connection, you build your brand, build your revenue, and create long-term connections with people who respect your team. Without a relevant message, your marketing will fall flat.

No matter whether you are creating a campaign in print, launching a social media campaign, or merely speaking out to the public one thing is for sure – make sure every word you add or any message you convey is relevant to the relationship you hope to build with your customers.