How Can Direct Mail Increase Customer Loyalty

How Can Direct Mail Increase Customer Loyalty

While many businesses are embracing digital marketing to take their companies to the next level, there is one form of print that still matters: direct mail campaigns. Direct mail can include a wide range of pieces including coupons, circulars, catalogues, and promotional offers. The good news is that direct mail resonates with consumers of diverse demographics and age groups. It also helps increase sales and develop brand awareness within the specific communities that pieces are mailed.  

Direct Mail Statistics and Facts 

The effectiveness of direct mail might surprise you. In one study, the “The Bias of Action”, reviewed response rates to various forms of advertising and marketing from a neuroscientific perspective. This study found that consumers are 20 times more motivated to make a purchase with direct mail than with digital marketing. 

Here’s some more intriguing facts you might not know: 

  • Direct mail takes less cognitive effort for consumers to process than other forms of marketing and advertising.  
  • Direct mail has an ROI of 18-20% while mobile, e-mail, and social media have an ROI of 1-3%.  
  • Brand recognition is 70% higher with direct mail than digital advertising. 
  • More than 50% of consumers find direct mail pieces the most trustworthy form of advertising. 
  • About 70% of people in the US find direct mail more personal than web-based advertising. 
  • More than 80% of direct mail is opened whereas about only 20-30% of e-mail-based advertising is opened.  

Advantages of Direct Mailing 

Direct mail provides businesses with unique advantages that cannot be replicated with other forms of marketing, especially digital.  

Some of these advantages include: 

  • Targeting a specific message to a specific audience. 
  • Personalized messages add to the company’s appeal. 
  • Tracking responses help evaluate the effectiveness of campaigns by demographics and regions. 
  • An inexpensive marketing tool. 
  • Customers who read mail are more involved, and the business message will capture their full attention. 

Elements of Effective Direct Marketing 

Not all direct mail pieces are created equal. Poorly executed direct mail can yield low ROIs and leave a negative impression of your business. Your direct mail pieces should be polished and well designed. The fonts, color schemes, and graphics used should be consistent with your brand. Busy imagery, illegible font selection, and grammatical errors in your copy can turn receiving direct mail into an unwanted nuisance.  


  • Secure the right mailing list targeting customers with an interest in the product or service.  A mailing list can be obtained through specified demographics of a target audience or by keeping a well-maintained list of loyal customers. 
  • Match the mail offer to the customer’s interests and needs.  The closer the match, the higher the response rate. 
  • Careful consideration of the piece of mail sent and the offer is necessary.  Keep in mind that often a simple, less expensive mailing, like an oversized postcard, can bring the most response. 
  • Calls consumers to take action such as following your company on social media, paying a visit to your store, or making a purchase on your website. A strong call to action should accompany every direct mail piece.  

When direct mail is done right, it can bring you new business and establish great relationships with your brand. If you need help producing stunning catalogues, promotional offers, and coupons, give the experts at Pel Hughes a call at (504)486-8646. We offer experienced graphic designers, database management support, and in-house printing