A New Code of Conduct: Direct Mail, Personalization & QR Codes

Mailers have come a long way from the dinosaur days of junk mail—when messages were sent out in suffocating waves aiming to hit any and

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everyone. Often, these mailers would have no connection to the recipient or were even sent nondescriptly to “Resident.” How crummy of a way is that for someone to receive mail? That’s basically saying we don’t care who you are or what you need, but here’s what WE want you to want. Now that’s a great way to connect with the consumer!

Today, direct mail has taken a leading role in communicating with consumers as a sophisticated science of personalization that delivers what they want. Direct mail is exactly that—direct. Brands now are able to hone and narrow down their message to precise specifications, engaging targeted recipients with content that is not only relevant to them but also useful in their day to day lives.
Pel Hughes’ utilizes personalized marketing and advanced tools to produce some of today’s most eye-catching, targeted and relevant variable data printing and visuals. All of these pieces add up to an incredible, personalized message that consistently wins big sales. For instance, companies can use PURLs (personalized urls for the recipient) on their direct mail to collect and update contact information from their target market as well as provide mini-surveys that identify their interests, purchase timing and other vital insight. This allows the brands to target their content, offers and messages right to the needs of individuals.

One of the latest technologies to gain traction are QR codes, or Quick Response. These codes are bar codes primarily used by smartphone users to get more information on the product or service being advertised. The camera portion of the phone reads the bar code and acts on the information placed within it. A QR code usually takes the user to a web page that has more actionable functions like order processing and data collection. The bar codes can drive personalized landing pages, shopping cart functions, automated social networking and any other functions coded in the web pages themselves. You could also direct them to phone numbers, texts or emails since they are already being scanned by phones.

Direct mail QR codes add a new dimension of interaction and is the least expensive new technology being used today. All you need is a QR code reader app for your smartphone to scan them. These codes bridge the gap between offline and online media, making direct mail more interactive. That coupled with the fact that marketers can target prospects in key neighborhoods gives businesses a better chance to grow market share while maintaining efficiency.

Want to give QR Codes or some other direct mail technology a shot? You have nothing to lose and a lot to gain! Contact us at Pel Hughes to see how we can integrate the latest technology into your current or upcoming campaign.