Trade shows are meant for standing out amongst the competition. You need to make sure your booth has more people crowding around it – and that may be harder than it looks. If you go to any trade show, it’s the companies with the best looking booth that has the biggest crowds.

Here are 5 ways to make sure you stand out and get the crowds that you need to make sure your sales increase.

1. Signage. You have to have well-created signage to make sure you are seen. This means large signage at the top of your booth with your logo. As soon as people enter Cisco 642-436 the trade show facilities, they need to be able to spot where you are.

2. Banners. Banners along the sides of your booth will make it easier for people to know when they have spotted you. Just as you need far away signage, banners will act as your close signage.

3. Lights. You need lights, even if it’s in the middle of the day or in a well-lit conference hall. The lights will make it easier to attract people and ensure that people are able to read all of the information that you have available at the show.

4. Giveaways. All trade shows have booths that give out something. Some 642-436 people give out business cards, some people give out tootsie rolls, and others give out really cool things like pens, note pads, and even tote bags. These items should be printed with your logo so they know how

to get in touch with you when the trade show is over.

5. Printed materials. Some people don’t want to talk to a sales person at the tradeshow. They just want to come by to collect information. If you are going to stand out, you have to provide material about your product or service to give people when they leave.