5 ways to get the most out of your store signage

5 ways to get the most out of your store signage _ Pel Hughes print marketing new orleans

Signs are important. They’ve always been important. They’re never not going to be important.

They act as simple visuals to grab the attention of your customer, but like most things in the marketing and advertising space, they can be done wrong.

That’s why the team at Pel Hughes has put together five ways to get the most out of your store signage:



  1. Monitor Condition


If you’ve used the same sign for several years, it’s more than likely looking a little worse for wear. The edges might be tattered, the coloring could have faded, there might be a stain that just won’t go away.

So what do you do about it?

Get a new one.

Nothing makes a business appear more apathetic than displaying its name and services on a trashed sign. Customers know you see it, and they’ll simply assume that you don’t feel the need to make a change.

Even though this might sound dramatic, they’ll take that personally. They’ll see it as a reflection of how you see them and your business – undeserving of the best.


  1. Change it Up

Everyone and their mother wants to be clever these days. Advertising is a game of wit and relevance, and that means the landscape (and your messaging) must constantly evolve.

There’s a chance you had a brilliant sales promotion idea last year. Or maybe you thought of a clever little blip to post on a sign to entice your customers to enter.

But how long ago was that? How many people have passed once, twice, three times, and have gone from thinking “that’s clever” to “wow that’s been there a while….”

You must never give your customers the impression that you just don’t care, and a dated or passe sign will do just that.

Keep it fresh, change it up, and show that no one else cares about your brand more than you.


  1. Pay Attention to the Basics

We love clever. We love cute. We love….customers who know the name of your store, how to contact you, and when your doors are open.

This rule is pretty simple: don’t let the art of a gorgeous sign overwhelm the necessity of basic business information.

Do you have a sign that lists business hours? Do you have a phone number on display?

If not, fix it. At the end of the day, your customers need to walk away knowing when they can come back and find the door unlocked.


  1. Use High Quality Images

If you want a sign that is image-heavy, you better have some high quality files and a printer with the technology to print them the right way (we know a place).

There is nothing that says “amateaur” more than a pixelated image blown up in a storefront window. Customers will see the image, notice its low quality, and assume that you are what you display – low quality.

Don’t let them think that. Print better images.


  1. Watch the Pronouns

Last but not least, language is important. When trying to establish a degree of empathy with your customer, it is important to use “you, your, and you’re” to help them visualize using your product or service.

You want to create a dialogue with your customer, and you can do that by speaking directly to them.


Have questions about how to create the most compelling signate for your store? A Pel Hughes, we take this stuff pretty seriously, and we would love to have a chat to talk sign strategy. Give us a call today.