5 Tools to Improve Marketing Strategy & ROI

5 Tools to Improve Marketing Strategy & ROI - pel hughes print marketing new orleans la

Developing a strategic marketing strategy that drives brand awareness, consumer investment and underlying profits is the goal of any marketing team. However, even professionals with years of experience and proven tactics are constantly seeking new methods to improve marketing ROI. 

With dozens of tools available to help marketers, choosing the most effective is challenging. Below are 5 of the best tools to improve your marketing strategy and ROI in 2019.  


  • Google Analytics 


The first tool on the list may be the most obvious to many marketers. Google Analytics is probably the trendiest digital analytics platform available. It uses big data technology to track web user behavior and provides users with ample amounts of data that can be used to predict consumer behavior. Moreover, Google Analytics offers one of the simplest and cleanest user interfaces out there.

A data-driven marketing strategy that uses a platform such as Google Analytics will provide marketers with predictive models that allow them to answer future questions, problems or issues that may arise. In a recent McKinsey Global Survey, “high performers are more likely than low performers to say their primary purpose with analytics is building competitive advantage—and less likely to say they are simply trying to cut costs.”



  • Optimizely


Staying on the data-driven marketing strategy path, Optimizely is another valuable tool that provides marketing solutions and website optimization on the world’s leading experimentation platform. This platform conducts A/B split tests for websites, apps and mobile devices with innovative features. 

According to a recent publication in Venture Beat, Optimizely is “all about optimizing adoption, engagement, and conversion by tweaking features, such as the wording on a call-to-action button, or by testing entirely new tools on audience subsets before rolling them out more widely.” This allows audience targeting options such as data export, preview mode, stats engine and behavior targeting. 

And perhaps most importantly, it generates ROI in real-time. 



  • Facebook Insights


Switching gears into the world of social media, Facebook Insights allows marketing teams to disclose information of how your businesses social media account is performing. The tools allows users to track the performance of their Facebook page, each individual post and each of your followers’ behaviors. In short, you can optimize your social media presence by examining visitor behavior and make adjustments to your account based on what you see. 

The importance and influence of social media in the digital marketing world cannot be overstated. Facebook Insights is a close examination into how consumers are interacting with your page, and how you can tailor your page to match what your audience needs. 



  • Agency Analytics 


Agency Analytics, allows you to gather not only social media data similar to Facebook Insights, it also provides tools to gather SEO for your business and your clients. The tool is essentially an all-in-one SEO, PPC, social and analytics tool—all of which can be viewed and operated from a simple dashboard. Users can gather data on Google AdWords campaigns and social media networks, for example, and Agency Analytics will generate automated reports of your custom data. 

With Agency Analytics, you can integrate over 30 different platforms, including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Mail Chimp, and generate data on user information that you can then use to tailor your marketing campaigns and avoid unpopular or expensive strategies.



  • Hemingway Editor


So far on this list we’ve addressed two heavy hitters in digital marketing strategies: big data and social media. However, the importance that readability offers not only to marketers developing effective and efficient strategies, but also on their audience, cannot be overstated. (If you don’t believe us, brush up on Flesch-Kincaid readability tests and see how important readability really is to the bottom line.)

Hemingway Editor is a tool that improves the readability of your content by examining grammar and giving your content a final “grade”. Moreover, the tool provides suggestions on how to improve your grade and offer the best readable content possible for your audience. 

Yes, developing a marketing strategy that optimizes ROI can be difficult. However, buy using these 5 tools to gather data, tailor your online presence, and make your content readable and user-friendly, you can ensure your business is adapting the best strategy possible.