Three Creative Outdoor Marketing Campaign Examples

In an ultra-competitive business world, companies have to do all they can to get and maintain customers. One medium that is often overlooked is outdoor advertising, though this is a mistake given how many people companies can reach with a single billboard or sign that is properly placed and has a great message. Keep in mind that a picture or slogan that people see when just walking or driving down the street can stick in their minds when they hit the grocery store, or begin their online shopping. They might also talk to their friends about it, or share great outdoor marketing on social media. In the latter case, these brilliant campaigns have the potential to reach millions of people.  These examples provided by Business Insider give us a glimpse into effective outdoor messaging.

Tourism Ireland

Taking advantage of the huge popularity of “Game of Thrones”, Tourism Ireland placed signs pointing the way to several areas in the country where the show is filmed to encourage visitors to go there. The signs had a fantastic aged look, and some sported ominous black crows.


In order to promote their services, Uber placed an ad featuring a real breathalyzer in Toronto. If people who used the device blew over the legal limit, Uber offered them a free ride home. This is not only a brilliant way to get people to remember your brand, it’s a great public service.


People are fascinated by the very rare solar eclipse. Oreo place an ad at Piccadilly Circus showing the top half and bottom half of their cookie moving at the same pace as the earth and sun during one of these events.

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